fender wedged inbetween tire and fork,

fender wedged inbetween tire and fork,
247Jude, May 12, 2009
    • 247Jude
      Witness said it was like watching Spiderman! Was crusing down the road when I heard a small ping, was about to grab the clutch and slow down but was too late! WTF flying through the air thinking this is gonna hurt! The bike cartwheeled end over end, and I slid along the pavement like a scipping stone on the water! Finally comming to a rest on my back winded and hurting! Lifted my head dropped it back down and slowly got up and out of the middle of the road. When I started to wheel the bike off the road, I discovered that it was the front fender that made the ping, and when it rotated along the tire the brace pulled the fender toaght to the tire and acted like a huge break shoe and stopped the tire from rotating! Ouch!
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