Huasheng 4G Transmission

Huasheng 4G Transmission
jhammondcpa, Jan 15, 2015
    • Paul E.
      I hear rumblings that the one-way bearing was problematic, and was eliminated or replaced? this is in 2012 or so..I don't know myself, but I have the same trans presumably updated. Nice blowup though, haven't seen that around till now, thanks!
    • Paul E.
      Here's something else to think about; I also hear(late it seems) that this trans is hard to find parts for/order from china, and the best option is the american made trans, ezm. I would jump on this myself, but I hate to jettison the 4G till something happens..which might be soon, because the clutch takes a beating on takeoff, even when I stand to pedal. I'm thinking of drilling out some clutch material to lighten it up and engage later..also there are threads describing how to mod it for reliability.
    • jhammondcpa
      I have a PDF link about adjusting the clutch. I'll send via email just send me your link at jhammond.cpa@gmail.com!
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