Huge foam filter

Huge foam filter

Damn, this flows air freely!
I had to trim the outer coarse cover to fit in the frame, or lose it completely. It just fits the space now. It's 100 times better filter than stock and..
Damn, this thing looks like it means business! :)
So do you just have an adapter taped onto the stock NT air filter housing? And what did type of foam did you use for it? I have been wanting to upgrade my air filter but after looking at the prices of some of them I don’t see why one couldn’t make their own DIY version of one... hell most anything has to be better than the stock one I have now.
@Kpi890 I bought a plastic adapter, supposedly for scooters, from chineseBay (bit like a velocity stack, bit plastic and much cheaper). I then found the 45° bend filter with the diameter of the adapter, 42mm I think. It came with a hose clamp to attach it to the adapter. I covered the shiny hose clamp with black tape for stealth reasons. ;)

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