Idler arm setup.  Drive pulley is 1.5 inches and rear sheave, Whizzer, is 14 inches.

Idler arm setup. Drive pulley is 1.5 inches and rear sheave, Whizzer, is 14 inches.

Wow! I love the simple belt idler clutch system. My only suggestion would be to replace that cheap bracket you have the spring attached to with something more solid. I've had brackets similar to that break and had to limp my bike home with zip ties and baling wire. Needless to say those brackets have all been/ are slated for getting replaced with 1/4" aluminum. Besta luck. Looks like you have a pretty sweet ride.
Excellent suggestion. Top spring clip was secured to hole in rear fender support (partially hidden) but had to raise spring when longer belt was installed. I'll reposition the spring and reattach to aluminum strap attached to seat post bolt. Also this needs a tidy belt guard, also in the thought stage. Thanks for your constructive comments.
Nice project. I'm enjoying watching the progress. How does it run? I had a similar setup, but with a high reving 2-stroke. I could never get the belt tight enough. the engine would spin so fast, leaving black belt dust all over the place.. I've been converting the bike to a 219 chain set up off go-karts. Lots of large sprocket available from the race-Kart crowd also...
I'm new to motorized bikes. Yours inspires me!! Was thinking of a Raleigh Special Cruiser single-speed with a belt driven 35cc Subaru/Robin rear mount
Thanks for the comments. Belt drive gearing is tall and requires pedaling on slight grades. No issues with belt wear or tension yet. Folks who see this bike like its simplicity.

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