double trouble

IMG00115 20110921 1931

IMG00115 20110921 1931
double trouble, Sep 21, 2011
    • happycheapskate
      Looks good. The black and blue colors are nice with the silver engine. The bike looks like a hearty old steel frame, am I right? I usually don't like cantilever brakes, but they get the job done once you have them set up right. For spare parts, try . They sell replacement parts for retro bikes, good budget stuff, tons of tires too. You said this was a budget build, but looks like you did really good.
    • double trouble
      the bike is a usa welded chrome moly frame assembled in china. here are the specs.
      I bought it on a whim. It was The second vehicle I looked at. The original owner had $300+ invested plus his assembly time. It had very few miles because it kept breaking idler pulleys on him because the back wheel bent when the chain locked up. I bet he hit a curb. It could use brake pads in the rear . i have not spent a dime on it. Everything including gas/oil, I had here. I bought 2 tr-1 helmets (1 small 1 large) for $5 2 weeks ago just because they were cheap. I buy and sell stuff all the time. The lions flag was in the street last night.
      By the way, I am way cheaper than u are. I am a professor at being cheap.
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