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Oh, so you're building toys to putt-putt around. The gearing changes drastically. What size are those tires and sprockets?
I know! Lol this is gonna be my first Weed eater quick build before I start my PB engine builds.
The sprockets are 6/7 tooth and 54 tooth for anyone wondering.
@2StrokeMama Weed eater engines can be pretty strong. there is a 25cc engine called the shuttle buddy that kicks out about 3hp supposedly its just for bikes but its clearly a modded engine from a weed whacker. I saw them on a downhill bike once. they do about 35mph. how fast does this neat little contraption go?
The owner of this specific one claims, 20MPH. That's a fair speed. He used a 31cc ryobi weed eater.... The wheels gotta be something like 8-9". And that's with the 6/54 tooth ratio 9:1.
Unfortunately, I have 2 "XT200 featherlite by weed eaters 22cc" , and they are pretty much brand new but have been sitting in a box for awhile. I hoped to find an eater that has a clutch of course. I'm not inclined to be fabing clutch handles and cables. That's too much work for a tiny project.
25cc, 3HP... Sweet! I'll add that to my list of searches. Im looking at the Tanakas too as advised by other members. It'll also be what's available to me as I don't plan on putting all my effort into this weed eater build,... I'll wait for my PB builds to really give it my all. Paint jobs and everything.
This is my first Micro bike build. I am not sure if those rc engines would push a 200lb guy. I just don't see the torque being there. I don't think there meant for a load. But I'm looking into building an RC anyways so we'll save that for there. Lol A big enough RC engine would probably cost me way more than my entire build from scraps and such... the Best way
Have you tried an RC motor bike build to support the suggestion?

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