my self made, ghetto spring chain tensioner
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How does the left side rear sprocket mount to the coaster brake rim? all of the Beach Cruiser and smaller older BMX bicycles having the coaster brakes dont have a threaded left side rim hub to mount a drive sprocket, can you upload left side sprocket installation step by step photos how the left side sprocket mounts onto a nonthreaded (no hub threads) on the left side of the rear wheel ?
if this is a freestyle rim, that would explain why there is no fixed position brake arm on the left side of the rim where the drive sprocket for the engine is mounted, but, is there a way the same application can be done for a coaster brake rim, by having the left side drivesproket mounted in front of or behind that coaster brake arm bar to where the brake arm retains its fixed position,and still allows the drivesprocket to work ? I never did like external brakes especially when get wet and dont hold the wheel when you want to stop.
@1980sRELIC im sorry i cant do that. what i did on mine was i purchased rims that already have the left side sprocket installed and then purchased a right side free wheel sprocket from the local bike shop and did away with coaster breaks all together... it was that easiest way around the problem you are having but also most expensive.. you can find what your looking for on youtube though. good luck

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