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Meet the Widowmaker.

Meet the Widowmaker.
Big Red, Jun 13, 2011
    • proctor-nashua
      hey i'm thinking about making a tirke hows is the trike setup and what site is it form ?
    • Big Red
      Hey P.N.
      No site, All from my own warped little brain. Just a lot of trail and error and knowing what I wanted it to look like. Kinda cruizer-chopper style. all the big motorized trikes I could find on-line were either step through "girl" frames or friction drive or some other thing I didn't like about it. So I bought a rear end off sleaze-bay and went from there. My only advice before you build a trike like this is to START with a good, heavy duty steel frame. Then when you get your rear end bought or built, you can start experimenting with sprocket size, disc brake setup, ect. And I also recomend adding struts from the bike frame to the rear unit to minimize the "tweek" effect between the two. Other than that bro, Design it in your mind, Put it on paper, Check out supliers, Check out your own garage to see what you have available and go for it. Just one finale word of warning, TRIKES ARE DANGEROUS. They dont handle or turn like a two wheeler. Your first test ride you should take REAL SLOW till you get used to it.
      GOOD LUCK.
      Big Red.
    • Kestrel Motors Inc.
      Hey Red, if you could post some more pics, that would be great. I want to see some more of that Beast! Great job!
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