thanks for your comment. yes, i used a high-temp flat white paint. it's holding up okay, although it's flaking in one small spot. i was inspired by some old motorcycle photos i saw (circa 1900s).
I love white bikes. my old one was reflective white, I have it broke down and I am going to use the white as a base for a faux marble finish. White is sooo hard to keep clean looking with all the road grime that accumulates.
About the white paint. I didn't have any problems with painted exhaust until I switched to the expansion chamber. Dupli-Color ceramic engine paint works well on the standard exhaust. I have used the black and I had no peeling. The Expansion chamber is a different story though. The paint peeled around the bend at the intake, so it must get relly hot. Whenever I get my other bike finished and swap parts from current bike over to older bike I can repaint and I think I will try exhaust enamel, because it is rated up to 1000 degrees. Another possibility is that you possibly didn't cure the paint properly. I have had issues with enamel curing... its so freakin' time consuming. next time I paint my bike I will definitely use lacquer with enamel clearcoat.
verry nice job i love the head light and how you mounted it to rack that high heat paint if it starts comming off just repaint thats what i do the pipes on motor come off real easy

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