Picture 044

Picture 044
lowracer, Mar 7, 2010
    • imperfectionst
      Does it make it hard to do a wheelie?

      Very nice job, where does the toothed rim come from?
    • lowracer
      I honestly haven't tried to pull a wheelie...I dont think it would be possible though with the added weight up there.
      The rim isn't a toothed. Its just an extra wheel I had laying around that had a bad nipple hole so I cut out all the spokes & remove the hub leaving just the hoop. The contact area is so large that under the tension of the skateboard wheel, it doesn't slip at all. If it did, I was thinking about cutting a few of the spokes into little pieces & JB welding them at a few points on the hoop to create a toothed spot for the notched VBelt to grab.
    • imperfectionst
      Sorry, I found your thread and read that. What an amazing solution. Ever think about writing up some plans?
    • lowracer
      I never thought of writing up any plans since all forks are differently spaced & all rims vary in width. Most bikes also dont come with front disc brakes. When adding the rim to rim pulley a rim brake wouldn't work...
      Every bike out there has design limitations that you kinda have to work around & with to motorize. It took me awhile to narrow everything down to what I ended up doing. I needed a low cost, easy way to attach this motor & drive the bike without any permanent damage to the bike frame (ex..drilling a hole, in the frame...yikes).
      Good luck
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