plastic fender 2

plastic fender 2

I made this fender for CHEAP! I found a discarded garage sale sign, which I cut to fit, and spray painted with Krylon Fusion black sparkle paint. I used zipties to secure it to the frame, seatpost, and bottom of the seat bag. So far it has worked very well with no noticeable air resistance or noise, no susceptibility to crosswinds, and very effective blocking of mud and water spraying from the rear tire. The bottom fold of the fender keeps the water/mud off of the intake filter as well. I am amused at the creativity that came to me when reading the threads about the fender related accidents and looking online for fenders to buy. I hope other people will enjoy making similar products for their motor bicycles.
I got the idea from some commercially available fenders which clip onto the seatpost or downtube of the bike. I am not using a front fender but may make a similar home made fender for the front.
Thanks for the idea. I'll try to make these just need to find the right material. Been looking at buying fenders my back has gotten very nasty from riding in the wetness. Thanks again

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