Rear outside showing clearance

Rear outside showing clearance
DuctTapedGoat, Apr 20, 2011
    • Jeco

      I was thinking of this kind of setup too. Do you have any problems with the chain being too close to the left chainstay? I see you have some kind of covering on it.
    • DuctTapedGoat
      I run 415 chain, and it's CLOSE, but doesn't rub, it's actually closer to the tube coming from the top of the dropout.

      The alignment is good after being corrected with the tensioner to guide it slightly onto the sprocket, and when reversing it ever so slightly clicks, but as I go forwards more often than I reverse - I say it's worth it. I'll have a more solid opinion after a few month of riding, but so far I'm digging it a lot.

      That's actually super heavy duty duct tape - the chainstay tapers, and that was my way of keeping the tensioner from drifting in and out due to the taper. I got a better solution in the mail today I'll be installing tomorrow - which is a tensioner with two vertical brackets.
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