gary55, Aug 25, 2016
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      Cozmik Mezzenger
      I like it!
    • gary55
      @Cozmik Mezzenger Thanks. I sold this bike about 2 months ago. The guy bought it in for repair today. You wouldn't hardly recognize it as the same bike. It looked bad. Still runs good though. He put a speedo on it so I checked out the max speed on it. 37.5 mph. I almost kept this one.
    • Cozmik Mezzenger
      @gary55 Did you take pictures of the bike when it came in for repairs? And 38 mph is nothing to be sneezed at!
    • gary55
      It was so beat up I'm afraid it would have broke my cam. I think the 38 was lagit. he had the speedo set for 26X2.125, and the tires are 26X2.40. It's hard to break 40 without a small gear or shift kit.
      I here a lot of bikes on this forum in the 35 mph area. It might be a little harder where I live at 5200 ft elev.. This engine was Kings gt5 with .030 decked off the jug, piston ramped at the exhaust and transfers, skirt matched to intake port. Opened up the intake and exhaust, cleaned and knifed the transfers.
      I still got a lot of experimenting and learning to do especially when you see these guys pushing 70 with these bikes.
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