Sausage closeup. Using a bicycle stem to clamp the flex pipe to the threaded section of the muffler (permatex gasket maker on the threads). Also the s

love your use of bike parts. Very Creative engineering. What does your exhaust sound like? Thought this was a front rack bike? Why did you change?
I am planning an engine swap between my 2 MB's & will be putting this Lifan engine onto the front of my full suspension bike. I wanna see how the Lifan drives the rim to rim pulley system I have on their now being driven by the Robin Subaru EH035.
Since it will be on the front, I needed to get the exhaust back down towards the ground. I did the gear calculations & know this gearing will be ideal.
It has a nice thumper type sound best compareable to the Honda 4 stroke thumper big single cylinder dirtbikes.

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Latest pics of Lifan Rear rack (no weld) MB
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