spring roller case screw 1

spring roller case screw 1

This is still working very well for me. I am using a very long phillips head screw that goes through the gear cover case. There is a nickle size flat washer on the other side of the case, then the brass arm for the roller, another flat washer, a small washer, nut and locknut. There is a piece of 1/4 vinyl tubing which is inside the brass arm tube, to keep it steady. The factory go-cart spring was slightly altered to attach one end to a Master Link from a bicycle chain, which is ziptied to the seatpost for tension. (TIGHT)

The tensioner just takes up vibration very nicely, and takes up just a little tension to keep the chain secure. It makes tire changes easy. The roller makes a pleasant whirring sound at 30mph. The rubber roller lasts a very long time and makes it easy to oil or grease the chain.

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