totgote over under drive

totgote over under drive
duste01, Mar 11, 2009
    • duste01
      This is the typical totegote drive system. How it works out to be gearing wise is a variable 103 through 22.31 to 1 to which a 5 horse briggs will drag your heavy butt, the dear you bagged, and your gote, up the side of a tree at 30 miles an hour. Been there, done that. Non believers can do research to find the facts. In the case of the other picture posted with three motors. This was out on the salt flats. Course if your going to run on the flats, your pit bike has to be fast+t+t as well. If your still scratching your heads, I can (when the weather gets better)(no garage either) drag my "typical" gote out and show you the typical gote set up on it, you just have to perpetuate the out come plus two more motors with clutches tied to each other.
    • duivendyk
      I think steampowered penny-farthing cycles is a neglected field,with much scope for novel approaches, esp. how to stop at lights.But in the desert that should not be a problem.The thing would be to establish a world record at Bonneville
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