Urban Fatbiker's Buzzbike
Urban Fatbiker

Urban Fatbiker's Buzzbike

Friction drive sprocket reduction, lift clutch, Ryobi 30cc. Pull-start or roll-start.
  • Haha
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Well, it gets better. The rebuild to make pretty is almost ready to roll. I tore it all down, made a new bearing cage with replaceable rubber roller, added sleeve pivots and hard mounts, the new clutch and brake levers are installed.

Exhaust looks good now, and has a nice deep popping sound at idle, a muffled pipe sound at throttle. Sounds like a dirt bike, not a weedwacker.

Color- coordinated in gloss black and grey, with the rear toggles, clutch arm, and struts ruby red metallic to match rear light and reflector.

Build thread comiing real soon. After I ride it and make the prerequisite s**t-eating grin of success.

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