v-brake adapter from BMX store

v-brake adapter from BMX store
happycheapskate, Feb 4, 2011
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    • happycheapskate
      This works great! Tektro is a good cheap brand. Save your money, you don't need the fancy v-brakes, just good pads. These pads work pretty good, even on painted rims. When the paint wears down I'll sand the rims. I usually do that to all my bikes. It works better in the rain, having machined sidewalls vs smooth or painted.
    • happycheapskate
      This tire is a Nashbar/Performance bike 1.75" x26" Elevator tire (www.nashbar.com), also known as a CyclePro Swiss Army (www.niagaracycle.com).

      These work great! I can't fit a wider tire in the back because of chain rub (with a 2.1, the knobs hit the chain sometimes)

      I got a fat 2.25 Cheng Shin in the front though now. (Walmart, 15$, marked Bell Cruiser, sold folded up in boxes)

      Box looked about like this, marked 2.25" x26 Bell Streamliner http://i.walmartimages.com/i/p/00/03/50/11/90/0003501190524_180X180.jpg

      Thread about these on sister website: http://motorbicycling.com/f3/cool-looking-tire-19660.html:eek:
    • FurryOnTheInside
      Many, many cruiser frames on this forum could benefit from one of these on the rear, yet we never see them. I thought I saw one on the rear, once; but have never been able to find the photo again. Thanks for posting! :)
    • Sentryy
      How much total cost per wheel?
    • FurryOnTheInside
      @Sentryy the OP h.c.s. hasn't been active on the forum for a while but a bmx shop should be able to give you a price if they have the V brake plate. Or look for a cheap NRS fork like off a department store bike, and chop the arch brace off, sometimes it is only bolted on! :)
    • Sentryy
      @FurryOnTheInside Do you think I could take the parts off of an old junk bike and just buy new pads?
    • FurryOnTheInside
      @Sentryy idk really, depends what you find. Junk NRS (not really suspension) fork off a junk bike for the arch brace with the brake lugs attached. I have not had to do this, I have the V brake mounts already.
      You will need a new cable and cable outer. No.1 problem is drag in the system, No.2 is stretch and flex.
      Any old cast V brake is usually a lot better than the stamped kind, and the price of a V brake is so low. So, so low.
      I use Magura HS33 hydraulic rim brakes that fit the V brake mounts. (£30 per wheel)
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