Zeda Transfers 2

Zeda Transfers 2

Wow. No bridge to keep the rings from bulging out. That is a factory cylinder? That boost( 3rd) port looks large as well. I have not seen that style yet. It looks as though a lot of that good air/fuel mix will exit the exhaust before its burned. The angles on the lower/back transfer walls look like they need to be redirected toward the front and away from the exhaust port.What are your thoughts?
It's a case reed engine setup for the mz65 pipe. I'm thinking (hoping) the pipe will keep the air/fuel in cylinder. Not sure about the 3rd port. This is how the cylinder came from Zeda. The did all the porting. I have a feeling flaking chrome is in my future.
The chrome flaking Off is inevitable. A case reed explains the boost port. Now it makes sense to me. I bet that motor is going to be quite fast, but will be short lived before it explodes. Best of luck, if you can, please post pic when done and assembled.

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Hyper Cruiser/ Zeda case reed build
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