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Aug 30, 2015
    1. Crazy joe
      Crazy joe
      Hi Steve,
      I am trying to find out if the sleeve in the carby should be a loose fit, as mine is really tight when I try to dismantle it . And is it possible that I bent the dull pin,and if so can it be replaced .
    2. geebt48cc
      So, Steve did you just stop this china stuff?
    3. geebt48cc
      Hey Steve..................

      Miss ya ..........Just let me know?
    4. geebt48cc
      Steve, been wondering about you? Really hope that everything is going ok.

    5. datsun610
      hi mate how much do you want for the spb expansion chamber and do you have any other parts for sale thanks
    6. billpb1222
      hey steve,
      were you near earthquake?

    7. gothicguy64
      i applied today for my 1000 .
      so yes ill buy ur exhaust
      how do u want to do this ?
    8. geebt48cc
      Aussie steve,

      Dad is has now for a GMC topkick MTB. Full sub frt-Bk...................w/disc brakes

      Ok, who would you go to for a rack mount on this bike?

      Hey, thanks Steve
    9. geebt48cc
      Hey there Steve,

      Can you give some addvice to dad. Just is wishing for a full subpension/disc brake MTB set-up:

      Uno, where to buy?
    10. gothicguy64
      yerr steve ill buy that exhaust for what u paid ...i can apply jan 1
    11. schlingman1
      hey gee i have a 66 grubbee skyhawk as well and on my friends bike. I have not had one problem with mine runs great im on flat ground hear really screams but my friend rides his hard and everyday. We did find out under a lot of fource u can brake the small clutch gear and pin in there they are cheap so just keep a couple small gears and half round locking rings on u incase
    12. schlingman1
      was looking into a dual brake puller how do u like it does it work well. I figured u could just adj to pull the back brake on a little more than the front to get a 60 40 split like a bike
    13. gothicguy64
      end of dec an i can apply for 1000 centrelink bux ...
      i cant wait to get spb bits
    14. geebt48cc
      Hey there Steve,

      Hope everything is well down there in OZZY!!~?!~ So, guess it's getting warmer huh? I'm building a new bike. First is doing great at 48cc........

      So, what do you think of SKYHAWK? ...........everything so far, is great with the engine.................Just a chipped place on jug?...............but runs great!!!~.


      .......PS: Health ok?
    15. A_FITZ
      Hey Steve, that Carberator tuning in the 2 Stroke Section..

      Screw Idle Speed, Clockwise Faster, Counter Clockwise Slower

      Pros and Cons for having a faster, or slower idle speed?

      Also, does this setting have ANYTHING to do with the Top Speed in MPH?

    16. geebt48cc
      How are you doing Steve,

      Gosh, not the same typing on here and not hearing from you FIRST!!!!!!!!~ So, enough of the bike stuff.............Tell me about your health? What's going on there?

      Chill as far as the bike thing. You'll wish for it later in life if you don't just keep!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ Gosh, it would be different if it was 10K +

      Hey, thinking of ya

      USA, Glen (Geeb) nic name
    17. geebt48cc

      It's been a few. Hope that everything is working out down there. The MB has yet to desinigrate. It should be starting to warm up your way. Went about 15 miles the other day averaging about 19.4 mph to 30.7 on these up and down Virginia roads. Guess that's good considering 48cc, and my 250lbs? Yes, plug chopped after, and a good chocolate tan. I'm getting ready to pull intake/exhaust manifold off and match with jugs.

      At this point, the biggie will be shift kit, but is there anything else?

      I've done: SBP Ex. Chamber,B.Bottle,NGK-gap 028, and wire with all new hardware. Listen, hang in there Steve.

    18. geebt48cc
      How are you doing Steve?

      I'll make this quick cause I need to run out the door, but just checking on ya. So, breathing is better? Always remember to breath deep threw nose, and exhale out mouth. Most of all the beneficial oxygen is gained threw nose.

      Hang in there, have a great day..........Glen
    19. geebt48cc
      Steve, hope your hanging in there. I've been reading, and checking out the "RockSolid" billet performance heads. I guess that they would ship to USA without any probs.

      So, do you think that I should just concentrate on a shift kit first, from SBP's? (See, I've just about done everything else) I've been thinking that I'm sure you get a kick out of me trying to really do up a 48cc HT? Well, the only reason I do this is because I don't want to worry about the "Boys in Blue!"`

      Hey, hang in there

    20. geebt48cc
      Steve, I tell ya, this hobby is fun, but it takes a few steps back when it comes to ones health. How many liters of O2 did the MD put you on? Do you have to wear 24-7? night? ..........or just as needed? I would say, assisted/2 liters?

      I'm not trying to change to much from the bike stuff.........They do make a portable O2 that straps around your back? I think it can be used for a few hours before re-fill.

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    ZBox 66cc HT w/ RSE billet head and SBP shift kit, ZBike Panther 200W electric.
    Electronics, small engines, home brewing, drinking home brew


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