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    1. TREK820
      that legal 48cc skyhawk, can you take more clearer pictures with flash on? I'd like to look at your detailing :)
    2. Samdallas214
      thanks for the friend invite
    3. fredie
      love your pics . bikes
    4. geebt48cc
      So, Jag, would I loose my lower end torque if I took off my intake extension for reed valve?
    5. jaguar
      I am a huge believer in reed valves. I think you would have a broader range of power if you had one. But the intake extension is unnecessary with reeds because the resonance is interrupted by the valve.
    6. GearNut
      As you can tell, I haven't been around here for a few months.
      I just got your message from 1-23-12.
      If you haven't received any recommendations from anyone else here, your plug color indicates that you either have an air leak (new one?) or the carburetor needs to be tuned up richer- adding more fuel. This can be done by lowering the clip position on the carburetor slide needle which in turn raises the needle adding more fuel in relation to the slide position. Check the spark plug color after each clip position change. If that will not enrichen the ratio enough, you will need to replace the fuel jet with a larger one. Re-jet one size at a time and test for proper coloring of the spark plug after each re-jet. A lean burn will color the spark plug white and the engine will still run like a banshee from he11. It can easily do serious damage though due to overheating the piston. :eek:
      Sorry for the ridiculously late response. :(
    7. steveonbroadway
      i see your icon do you see mine?? and whats new??
    8. jaguar
      With a reed valve you will get worse performance if you don't hole the intake skirt of the piston. Better yet is also making a boost port. You will have to rejet the carburetor. But I couldn't get the standard carb to work with the reed valve I made which is why I had to buy a Dellorto. Intake extensions only work with piston port intakes. A longer exhaust pipe should still work though.

      >If I just bolted on the (Reed Valve from Rock Solid engines) to the HT 66cc, do you believe that one would notice anything? Thanks to you I've really improved torque lows and mids with longer intake. If I did extention with Reed Valve???....Wonder then what
    9. steveonbroadway
      Reed Valce hmmmm was thinking about that..... Let me know
    10. steveonbroadway
      Hey these things are a blast to ride:) to bad the only German thing I have one the bike is the braided fuel
    11. Skyliner70cc
      I saw you port matched and did some work on your engine. Any chance I can hire you to do the same for a new engine that I will use that reed valve intake I got from australia? Any engine enhancements would definitely help the reed intake.

      As for climbing pikes peak. I did get my stock engine/bike with a shifter kit up to 12,000 feet (just shy of cottonwood pass summit) before my freewheel failed. Engine was weak at that altitude but still had about 15 mph in her climbing at that altitude.

      Andy in Colorado Springs.
    12. geebt48cc
      Google, everything else is working like it always has.......................Just wont let me search.?
    13. Anton
      Hmm that's no good. Are you using the Google Custom Search or the Standard Forum Search?
    14. Cali-Rider
      Well so far I can say that JNMotors has great customer servise if you call them. My only gripe is that they take FOREVER to ship anything, and are horrible at using the internet to contact their customers.

      I wouldn't bother using their website for any reason. When I purchased the CDI and carb online it said both were in stock. A week later after not getting any emails about them shipping I called them and was told that they were waiting for the CDI to be in stock in a few days. They never contacted me, I had to call to find out. The one thing they did right was include a set of main jets for my new carb at no cost because of the time that I had to wait.

      Now I'm waiting for my exhaust to get here... Tuesday I was told that I would get a tracking number... Yesterday called again and was told the same thing... Still nothing... Lets hope it shipped like he told me over the phone...

      As for the Jaguar CDI, It seems quite bulky for what is included in the box. The spark plug wire also is cheaply made. I still have not been able to run the motor since I have no exhaust, but will update you then about its performance.
    15. Cali-Rider
      I just got the Jaguar High Performance CDI kit from JNMotors but have not put it on the bike yet so can't report to its performance. I will update you when I do. From my knowledge about engine timing it should work quite well if it does what it advertises. It will most likely be next week because I am still waiting for an expansion chamber exhange in the mail.
    16. LR Jerry
      LR Jerry
      He lived in Kodak at the time and got into a wreck with my x brother-in-law. They were both charged with operating an improper vehicle on a public roadway even though the manual clutch controlled a single gear driven by the motor. From all that I've been able to learn if you use a gearbox with a centrifugal clutch then its considered an automatic transmission. I'm 235 lbs and my bike is probably around 80 lbs. I'm able to fit all the tools I need into a Bell brand handle bar bike bag. I got from Walmart for around $15. I don't need it often but its a blessing when I do.
    17. LR Jerry
      LR Jerry
      TC title 55-8-101(35) Motorized bicycle means a vehicle with two (2) or three (3) wheels, an automatic transmission, and a motor with a cylinder capacity not exceeding fifty cubic centimeters (50cc) which produces no more than two (2) brake horsepower and is capable of propelling the vehicle at a maximum design speed of no more than thirty miles per hour (30 mph) on level ground. The operator of a motorized bicycle must be in possession of a valid operator's or chauffeur's license, and shall be subject to all applicable and practical rules of the road. A motorized bicycle may not be operated on a highway of the interstate and defense highway system, any similar limited access multilane divided highway, or upon sidewalks;

      I always send this to friends in Tennessee because my brother was arrested and his bike impounded for not complying with the laws of Tennessee. Having a manual clutch is what got him in trouble.
    18. LR Jerry
      LR Jerry
      Yes its quite dependable. Oak Ridge is a really good city to ride in since most of the streets have a 25 mph speed limit. Just wish more people would obey the three foot law. I do carry tools with me as any motored bike rider knows sooner or latter a break down is bond to occur.
    19. Purple Haze
      Purple Haze
      I've got about 1000 on bottom end. Had to replace rings early due to missing wrist pin bearing. (good ol Chinese QC...LOL) Also, I've learned that the more power you build into it, the less longivity you get. Watch your seals and gaskets, any air leaks will destroy these motors quickly. Mine seems to be holding up well and never overheats on a 50:1 mix. Good luck with yours, they are what they are.
    20. james65
      Only have run it UNDER POWER with just the rolling chassis with a 60 lb on it. Was quite supprised how well it handled. I run a 48cc, so I am changing from a 44T to a 50T. Doing winter cleanup on the bike and it is stripped down so Won't get to test run the final product for a week or two. It has a quick disconnect system as it wasn't built for daily use.
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