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    1. DRO1113
      there's drill bit that grip in reverse..if your careful they work...
    2. DynoDan
      Very impressive build! I like it!
    3. geebt48cc
      I understand James. You'll notice a big difference from 44T to 50T with much better regularity of torque. Well, just be safe and enjoy............
    4. geebt48cc
      James, great job. Looking good. So, how does it run with side-car on it?
    5. james65
      I am 5' 4" The Occ Was about right for me. I know of people 5-11 that ride OCCs. However they move the seat back & use highrise h-bars.

      If I were going 4 stroke I would go with a cruiser( old one if possiable) w/springfork.
      I have a 1950 Roadmaster with autoclutch and 2-cycle. It is a joy to ride.
    6. birdmannn101
      So, as far as which bike to get for my 4 stroke build which will have front fork, front drum or disk brake and bigger tires than I have on my Trek... You would say the OCC with the wide rear tire, front fork and banana seat would be better than doing a Beech Cruiser? I was thinking that the OCC might be too small but if you get a 26" OCC you could have it all.
    7. shawnshank
      Thanks for that info James. I don't think I'll make the Conn rally. When is it? I actually just posted a thread about selling my kit. I'm seriously considering buying a scooter. I love that board track racer...is that yours?
    8. shawnshank
      Hi James,

      Yeah I've seen bolts tapped and drilled before but this one is so small that I would be very leery to try to tap it out myself. I might have to take it to a machine shop to have it done. i wish I never added the new pipe and carb because my bike was running flawlessly before I messed with it.
    9. HseLoMein
    10. shawnshank
      Hi James,

      My bike is out of commission right now. The both that holds the muffler in place sheered off and now I have ot figure out how to get the bolt thats stuck int he head, out of the head so I can put a new one on. Ugh!
    11. james65
      I also built a similar hitch type bicycle carrier, that only carries one bike. Two bikes hanging off my small car would impare handling @ hiway speeds. Most likely I will be bringing two bikes to Ct. as I did last year.
    12. HseLoMein
      Hi James, i will be gooing to the rally in CT on the 22nd, do you want to carpool again? Nothing much has been going on, been learning how to close up holes you create when welding pipes :) and trying to figure out how iw add a temporary extension to my bike rack so i can carry more that one bike, safely
    13. james65
      I do not know any people who repair small engines. What kid of issues are you having with your tanaka?
    14. shawnshank
      Hi James,

      Seeing as how you are in the Boston area, I was wondering if you know anyone who repairs or is knowledgeable about small engines? I'm having an issue with my tanaka 40cc engine and I am not the most mechanically inclined individual. I need some expertise.

      Any help would be appreciated.

    15. arkives1
      Hi Jim, haven't heard from you lately so thought I'd check and see how you're doing. Get your derailer mounted yet? Mine is still giving me fits trying to get it to shift right. Changing to a different derailer and getting noncompression cables for it. Did you have problems getting yours to shift right? So for my axle seems ok but I'd like more thread outside the derailer for the nut. I got a welder in a trade with a friend, its a flux wire machine, no gas, Lincoln brand, 90 amps. I've played a bit and actually got a pretty good weld considering it was the first time I did it. Girl friend is getting jealous, says I spend more time and money in the shop than I do with her... I didn't dare say what I was thinking...hahahah
    16. james65
      I have been pretty busy, made a axle right after we talked about it. Did a real nice job on it. Well almost a great job LOL, cut it the same length as the original!
      Made a second one, installed it on the bike. Everything is adjusted and SEEMS to shift ok. I use a thumb shifter on the right side.
      Have built a dual headlight/turn-sig/ brake light setup for the same bike. Also changed my apple juice tank to a 100 oz. a-juice tank. Is the stingray axel 3/8-27?
      Well I'll get on makine an axel or two(wasn't happy with the second axel design and will go back to the first design but 1/2" longer).
      Oh yea I used a axel waSHER TO ADD SPACE FOR THE CLUSTER.
    17. arkives1
      Hi Jim I just spotted your message. Hope you got your axle problem straightend out. My local bike shop had the right wrenches and they shifted the axle over for me. Seems long enough but I'd like to shift it further. My derailleur is mounted on the axle and it hangs up in the highest gear on the frame. a little grinding may fix that. My current problem is shifting is erratic. I've tried a 6 speed grip shifter which sorta worked but skipped mid range gears. Tried 6 speed and clicker thumb shifters, same problem, got a Shimano 5 speed thumb shifter to go with the shimano derailleur. No matter how I adjust them, it shifts erratically, sometimes shifts good going from high to low, but not the other way. Adjust for that and get bad shifts going from low to high. I have a feeling the gear cluster is not spaced right for standard shifters. Found a 5 speed on ebay, Shimano ultra glide with slightly twisted teeth which supposedly aids in shifting. I figure if they are all shimano they should work together. The one I have now is a Sun Tour, supposedly very good stuff. The new one will have a range of 14-28 teeth. The one I have now is 14-32. The 32 would be a granny gear or for climbing trees. With the 14 tooth I should have just a tad over 30mph tops with no load. If you do make axles, I'd sure appreciate getting one! Let me know if you need any parts, I got some duplicates for kits and for shifting etc. I tried one of the brake/clutch combination things, doesn't work for diddly if you need to do a lot of shifting like I will do here..Very hard to clutch. Also blocks the shifter cable which I have on the left side for obvious reasons. I may have to add a tensioner to the pedal chain top to keep it away from the main drive chain going from the engine. Great fun aren't they? HAHAHAH Larry
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