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    1. Lazieboy
    2. pedalpunk57
      Thanks, Lazieboy. The name came from back when my best friend Mike and I were building bikes. Our company was named M&R Bicycles with the idea of having a kids division called Pedalpunks with characters we created. We did build a few bikes but that was it. My friend got married and moved away and that was the end of that dream, for him anyway. I'm still messing with bikes and got bit by the motorized bike bug and totally dig it. Hence my screen name, pedalpunk57. Thanx for the comments.
    3. proctor-nashua
      hey did you fix it
    4. pucksterpete
      on the 66cc around 35, which I think sucks, the trike I dont have it here with me, its back in the states, which I'm trying to sell
    5. Lazieboy
      Dont bog now, moved EX-tendo carb to other side of frame and leveled it a bit more and now, zoom she goes quicker from 0-30. cool.
    6. Lazieboy
      32 is my max speed. on LZ3 now dead. 30 on current (LZ3) ride.
      When in gear i can only give 1/4 throttle, more and she boggs out.
      But in nutreal can give full throttle and all good. took air filter off, adjusted carb, idol. no luck. like its getting too much gas or air?. what's the dealio.
    7. bms420
      oh yea!... well should be up and running Friday order the RT carb.. been 4 stroking like crazy wot and mid way but she gets up to about 30mph my gold is 45mph I weigh about 215lbs so we will see also got a 27t might go up to 36 idk
    8. vern
      yup we have valley fair here, have you been there??we also have canterbury downs where you can bet on the ponies.:)
    9. Bluethunder3320
      sorry it took a while to see that post. my wire feed welder is a harbor freight 90 amp, it is easier than a stick welder because it feeds out like a automatic machine gun.... stick welder is like a shot gun, and reload. haha. i cant weld aluminum with it because it doesnt have the gas bottle option, you can get a more expensive wire feed with bottles and aluminum wire to weld aluminum, or spend tons on a tig welder...
    10. Lazieboy
      Mucken Fundays suck.
    11. BUSTER
      Hi sorry I didn't see your post sooner,hope your holidays were alright
    12. LR Jerry
      LR Jerry
      The Staton crank system allowed me to keep the auto shift system in the rear.
    13. jeffuehrer
      This is actually my fourth motor but second one I put on completely by myself, also it is a 66cc. My first two motors were 49cc. I am mixing more oil too. My last motor had a rear snapped bolt but it had already settled in so it didn't effect performance. My latest build is much better and now I have a bunch of spare parts.
    14. proctor-nashua
      hey im not going with a hub motor i'm making a sleeper with a b&s 8hp with elec start :)
    15. proctor-nashua
      i hope a 1000w 48v hub motor
    16. bideronit13
      Im glad you like it. As far as the job market I've been proudly blackballed since I can remember!
    17. double trouble
      double trouble
      it is not rope light they are flat strips. I got lucky and went to an auction last weekend. They had open box, damaged , and display items from wal and K mart. I started an auction at $2 and nobody bid.Be the bidder. I got about $100 worth of lighting for $6. Nobody had a clue ,but the owner of the place. I bought 1 96 inch piece of cutable strip that lists for $75, a set of amber flashers and white strips that lists for $25 and the set on the bike that lists for $20. 2 of the three had battery demo packs so you could try it with momentary switches..
    18. OBP55
      Gday! Cant do over 50 now, cleaned carb gonna change plug. Got new magneto already. Next ill try ignition!! How you been mate? Broken the elusive 60 barrier yet? Ohhh i got stainless steel mount rods and bolts now. Can do the MF up really tight now!! Do, if u havent already. Done any cool trips? I try to go dfferent ways, but im running out of ways!!! Im trying to go slower. Its hard. But man i reckon ill end up killing myself if i keep going like this. So yeah trying not to go above 40 anywayz klms that is! Lol
      Take care mate
    19. OBP55
      I got 3 flat tyres on one trip, i needed help to lol the furthest ive been so far is about 50klms away, then i had to come back, i want to do a huge trip one day across states...
    20. OBP55
      Sounds silly but have you retried your nt speed carb with different settings? That carb you have looks nice, costs more, but has a bad reputation here. I weigh 76 kg. Our bikes look very similar, i like! But if you have the 36t cog you should be fine. Maybe you can loose the bike rack, try a new ignition? I am 400klms into this motor. My frame is aluminium is yours? I drilled 2 holes in bottom of standard exhaust. Stock motor. I am using 250mls per 5 litres of oil. I have the clip inside the carb in the middle, not factory setting. I think im about 60 metres above sea level. Hmmm hope something helps you work out the difference. Take care mate. :)
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    2011 grubee 66cc W/Extendo carb
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    Personal saying: Plan for the worst, hope for the best.
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