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    1. StreetLethal
      Hi was wondering if I could give you a call. But don't have your number. I wanted to go by your shop and pickup a carb and muffler if you have any in stock.
    2. metalzombievi
      i sent you an email asking about prices and what not
    3. Cali-Rider
      Planning on joining the next race in April. I can only find the spectator price, not the racer price. What is the price to race?
    4. Rgvkid
      Im Looking forward to spectating a race soon. Maybe even running one once my bike is completed. Thanks For the Friend request.
    5. David Simpson
      David Simpson
      Neil with the deal, it was good to hear from you, I'm making plans to go to the race, but I will be going by your place to say Hi and show you my ride, I'll give you a call first. Peace out Dave aka COLDROCK69
    6. MotorBicycleRacing
      email me at:
      1. vawn
        imin washington state do they have an organization or association a guy can join also do they have races here in wa.state
        Nov 12, 2016
      2. vawn
        what classes are there novice stock?and do they have tech build rules?
        where can i get a copy
        Nov 12, 2016
    7. MotorBicycleRacing
      SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing 2012 Grange Motor Circuit.

      Saturday June 2nd 2012

      Gate opens at 6.00am Saturday for registration and to pay entry fee.


      Day length:

      11 hours track time from 7am to 6pm

      Practice from 7am to 9.45am
      Heats start at 10am.

      Free camping Friday night and Saturday night included
      with track entry or as a spectator.

      Grangé Motor Circuit
      20455 Central Rd.
      Apple Valley, CA 92307


      1) 15 Freeway North past Victorville.

      2) Exit 157 = the Bell Mtn / Stoddard Wells Rd off ramp and go North East
      (There are 2 Stoddard Wells Rd exits. The second is Bell Mtn = 157 )

      3) Do NOT make any turns off Stoddard Wells Rd until you reach Central Rd.

      4) Go right (South) on Central approx 1/4 mile and you are there.

      PS: Do NOT use your GPS or Google for directions as it will route you up Central from the south which is not accessible because of train tracks.

      Track Specifications: 3400' elevation.

      14 turns
      8/10 mile
      950' straight away
      Elevation Changes

      Required Safety Equipment:

      DOT rated helmet or better like Snell. No bicycle helmets.
      No novelty motorcycle helmets without DOT certification.
      Eye protection.
      Gloves. No bare hands.
      Knee and elbow pads or full leathers or Motocross gear
      Long pants, no shorts or exposed skin this time please.
      Ankle covering footwear or boots.

      A DOT helmet is required by California law to ride a gas powered
      motorized bicycle or Moped on the streets.

      Fire extinguisher.

      The pit road speed limit is 5 mph and will be enforced this race.

      All entries must have functioning pedals.

      1) eBike:
      No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.
      Pirelli 2.5" Moped tires allowed.

      2) 4 Stroke:
      Robin Subaru 25cc and Honda GX 25 cc
      Robin Subaru 35cc and Honda GX 35 cc
      Honda 49 cc GXH and Huasheng 49 cc clone Titan 49.4 cc Super Titan 49.4 cc
      Any other 4 strokes less than 50 cc

      The <35 cc 4 strokes will be a 4 stroke subclass with their own winner.

      No limits on motor modifications, Shifter kits are ok,
      No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

      3) 2 Stroke:
      48 cc to 66 cc aka 80 Chinese bicycle motors.

      2 groups run because of large number of entries.

      No limits on motor modifications, Shifter kits are ok,
      No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

      4) >50cc Mid Range Class:
      Harbor Freight 79 cc Greyhound
      Harbor Freight 99 cc Predator
      Honda GX 100
      Honda GX 160
      Whizzer 136cc
      Pit Bike Cag 4+ hp 2 stroke
      GP 460 47cc 4.5 hp 2 stroke
      Briggs & Stratton 5 hp
      Morini 5.8 hp 2 stroke

      5) Gas Bikes <11 hp:
      9 hp Morini
      11 hp water cooled Morini
      6.5 hp Harbor Freight 200 cc or similar.

      No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

      The first 4 to 7 finishers from the above 5 Classes
      will race against each other in The Ultimate Race.
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