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    1. sunworksco
    2. locoWelder
      hey you old dog, whats up I know I've been gone for a bit but I'm back and planing a BIG ride this time....anyway hello and see ya around
    3. MotorbikeMike
      Hi motman, yes I remember ocscully, and that event, I think I can get those forks, I will have to check, email me at and we can exchange phone numbers, this is actually a public message, not private.
      thanks, Mike
    4. motman812
      Hi, I'm looking for a suspension fork to put on a cruiser frame so I can add a disc brake. I need a one inch, threaded tube. Do you have or know where I can get one? OCScully referrred me to you. Thanks,

      #25 02-07-2010, 12:13 PM
      MBc Member Join Date: Jun 2007
      Location: Orange County, Calif.
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      1" Suspension fork?


      You might try contacting Mike Simpson of Simpson Motor Bikes (Motorbike Mike) He was at an event I attended this past summer and he had a 1" threaded steerer fork that he was offering for I believe it was right around $100.00. It was a brand new fork and would accept either cantilever brakes or a Disc.

    5. butch27
      Mike: What rebound spring did you use on your springer front end on the 1908 bike? Thanks Butch27.
    6. ddgreen
      Hey Motorbikemike, ddgreen here. just want to know which motor is best a china made or a sky hawk or grubee. Im about to buy but dont want ddgreen
    7. MotorbikeMike
      Hi well I don't think so but I will check,

    8. go-rebels
      Hi Mike,

      Do you have spare clutch lever and a spare front brake lever for my '06 NE5?


      - Rick
    9. MotorbikeMike
      M2 license, moped license on the bike, ride in bike lane OK, no insurance, must wear helmet, less than 30mph on level ground, Maximum of a 2-speed automatic transmission that is incapable of being manually shifted, capable of Human Propulsion ie Pedals, less than 2 brake horsepower, 2 or 3 wheels. that covers much of it!

    10. the willi
      the willi
      then what is the law stat say in cal
    11. StillDream'n
      Hi Mike, I sent you a Question about a Weber Head? Hope your having fun,
    12. Mountainman
      hi Mike
      would you post a simple link so as to see your products offered
      read about something new coming
      thank you -- from Mountainman
    13. MikeB1
      mike this is mike. thanks for your help this morning. can you e-mail me that at
    14. MotorbikeMike
      Hi Keith, I'm sure glad you like it! wait till you get a chance to try the new 4-strokes!

    15. itskeith
      Hey Mike, I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am enjoying that 48 cc I bought from you. Wow it has really smoothed out and runs real good. I am edging up to 350 miles on it now. I checked the mileage and it was a bit over 132 mpg, not bad at all. Take care and I hope to see you again sometime,

    16. swilkinson
      Mike, any word on my motor yet?
    17. Vishnu Tensleep
      Vishnu Tensleep
      Hey Mike -
      This is Bill Leif (aka Vishnu Tensleep). It was great to talk with you tonight. I'm really looking forward to jumping into this new venture. Thanks for the information.

    18. akyramoto
      Hey Mike, it was great meeting you the other day, thanks for taking the time to look at our bikes. I got my tires installed just fine, also got those liners to help prevent flats - feeling alot better about cruising around town now! We ordered the new spark plugs too, so hopefully those will help. Got my rack installed, which I love!! We also love the tool bags we got from you & my super comfy saddle!!

      thanks again!
    19. blime81
      Mike, I'd love to ride with you in Oside but unfortunately I'll be gone till August. Far as riding goes coast hwy has a bit of traiffic but its not bad early in the morning.
    20. MotorbikeMike
      Hi Butch, I have not seen the Worksman tire, tho I do use thier wheels. I could get them, BUT shipping is slow, and expensive, and I would be upside down with a 2 tire order. I have red and white in stock, and the Schwinn Typhoon tread is availble in all black also. The old Goodyear cruiser tire is also availble in all black. Simplex had some cool tires, BUT I bet they are expensive.

      Mike 916 519-8612
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