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Oct 28, 2015
Jun 15, 2008
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up top mountain -- Sourthern Ca.
long ago owned bicycle shop, short time in City sm


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Oct 28, 2015
    1. Deanna
      Hi I have a question about 2 stroke drive chain broke to put the chain back on I removed the tooth drive sproket and put the chain back on that way and now my bike moves with out pulling in the cluch did I lose a pin that fits in the front tooth soroket because I have no idea what I did thanks Deanna
      1. Jay dee
        Jay dee
        Mine did the same thing does it still run
        Apr 18, 2016
    2. geebt48cc
      Well, hope everything is good with you. So, what have you been up too?

    3. Mountainman
      hey Dan -- I just got your message -- have not been around here for a long time -- will send you a PM -- Mountainman
    4. Mighty Impaler
      Mighty Impaler
      Mountani man, how's it goin? I ran across a couple of your posts while browsing the forums, you mentioned in one post that you know of a mb shop in Lakeside? I knew of a bike shop on Woodside Ave. that closed a couple years ago, is that the shop you were referring to? Any info on local San Diego mb shops would be greatly appreciated, I live in Lakeside.
      Nice desert pics, spring time in the desert is my favorite time of year out there, I own property in Ocotillo Wells as well, just a little weekend get away place on Split Mtn road. From your pics it looks like you're around Jacumba, Boulevard area? Take care.
    5. echelonunit37
      Hows it going Mountainman? I live in Oceanside and my friend and I both have MBs. We need to cruise sometime!
    6. eastwoodo4
      hows it going top the mountian?
    7. happycheapskate
    8. Meer123
      Are you friends with S_Beaudry ? I am trying to reach him for around a year but have had no luck - should I be concerned ? Have you been in touch with him recently ?
    9. domino
      Hey MM...Iffin you are down in the Point Loma area...come on by the tackle shop (Point Lome Sportfishing) we can talk fish and oceans...ok...goats also....keep ridin
    10. Lazieboy
      Hey Mountainman, I am Jelious. I live in the FN flatlands (ND) area. My wife is from Montana and we want to move out west to the terrain sometime.
    11. eastwoodo4
      wow!70 friends!
      you laying low these days?
    12. happycheapskate
      So you CAN still legally ride these "Things" in Kosherfornia? You just have to pay the gov to ride your bike? Do you have to pay any insurance taxes?
    13. eastwoodo4
      you on vacation?
    14. eastwoodo4
      what up mm?i wnt back to work so i havent been on in awhile.
      good to see you.
    15. fourfeathers
      Hey MM,
      Greetings from the far north of Newzealand.
      Thanks for your back-up concerning OCs' little problem with vendors. Hope he gets it sorted to his satisfaction and gets the MB he wants. I hate to think he'll miss out on all the fun. Thanks for be-friending my sorry arse, MB riders are thin on the ground down here. I'll send some picks when I finaly get my A into G.
      All the best F/F
    16. JamesBlond
      Hey there - thanks for the message. I'm still not sure about how my ride would.... ride... but thanks!

      I'm in Switzerland at the moment but I, too, am from S.Cal... I'm hoping to order the parts and make the bike quickly so I can start using it for work as my primary vehicle. So, obviously, I want to build a solid bike.

      Any thoughts on your subaru etc, well I'll go search your posts... again... THANKS!
    17. eastwoodo4
      wheres mountain dewd off to now?we need our mm fix!
    18. eastwoodo4
      lets get to 4000 post already!do you know what happend to your thread"your countries economic predictions"?
    19. eastwoodo4
      welcome back mountian dewd!
      we were all up in arms around here over you.
    20. Mountainman
      sorry about that stins
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    up top mountain -- Sourthern Ca.
    long ago owned bicycle shop, short time in City sm
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    Subaru 33.5 1.6hp
    motor bikes, 4-wheeling, camping, hiking
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