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    1. scotto-
      Hey Kevin, you asked if a Honda GXH50 would fit on a Ridgedale beach cruiser...the answer is absolutely, with room too spare. The pictures you saw of my black Ridgedale has the 49cc Huasheng engine (the Honda clone) with a 4G tranny that mounts with four bolts. It all mounts so easy, a two-year old could practically do it...seriously! That Cadillac Fleetwood is the exact same frame as the Ridgedale. Hope this helps.
    2. NoPed
      Hey fellers,

      Hope you all are not entirely sick of me. I tend to be repetitive. i've posed questions to a few dealers but they're so busy and on the questions i'm asking in this post, i have not gotten any return calls. so here goes; i feel i'm almost there; please don't quit on me now:-)

      After realizing that the shift kits rigged to run thru your bikes gears was really not legal, i've tried to make myself get away from that idea(for now); i would have "sneaked by" the legalities and done it anyway cause i was sure i wanted to use the nuvinci hub. i would have already ordered that cadillac fleetwood with he built in nuvinci but they are out of stock for two weeks(probably a good thing that happened). also i spent much time looking into the fallbrooks history and partnerships with manufacturers that has me asking questions i can't quite find answers to and the 360 will be out soon anyway and it will probably be worth the wait.

      Now i have a bicycle i thought to use and put a friction kit on it so i could ride till i get my "dream bike" perfected; i'm a perfectionist alright, to the point of being neurotic.

      My honda gxh 50 arrived today from sew ($295 plus 15.99 shipping).
      However, i did not realize that this motor had a longer shaft that made it complicated to use.
      question: will i need the 129 plus dollar "adapter" that staton sells to make this motor work for all kits? will i need this adapter for the motor to work easily with a friction drive? the staton friction requires it for this engine.
      Is there an easy and even inexpensive "rack mount" chain/belt drive kit i could use without the need of a jackshaft? or gearbox?
      If not, then i'm back looking at gearboxes like the g4 and the q matic or that worrisome skyhawk. question: will i still need the adapter for these gearboxes? My unlearned imagination thinks a sprocket could be placed on the shaft and then directly to a rear or front sprocket but i'm sure that's probably not the case unless you go with "golden eagle".

      Off to the side let me ask this: do many of you ever use the staton gearbox alone to utilize into a build? it seems to be trouble free and has a great warranty. if so, can i go from it's input directly to the wheel? and with what size motor shaft sprocket and wheel sprocket? Do the other gearboxes work this way? I feel the answer is yes but i'm forgetful and weary of researching.

      Much of these technicalities i have learned but my old brain is somewhat fried and i get overwhelmed. not asking for sympathy mind you, just further comment.

      Thanks for going to such great lengths in helping out this tiresome ol soul
    3. recumbentbill
      noped. What are you confused about? Yes I bought just the Honda 4G that bolts right up to my honda clone[Hausheng 142F]. I have some posts,threads and photos relating to the 4G subject
      PM me with more ??s if you want
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