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    1. geebt48cc
      Hey Pablo

      Sorry to bother you, but I thought you could help. My 66cc is doing very well, but after I ride I chop plug to see how its burning. I've got 400 mile on this engine and it has always been a good chocolate color. I took out other day a few miles and checked plug after ride. The plug (NGK B6) was snow white in center. So, bike still idled well, ran out well, but white>? Confused? I've picked bike apart trying to find a air leak. Bike runs as well as it ever has still????????
      Glen PS- Someone said when they burn perfect, they self clean?
      I've always used Amsoil synthetic also.......................... Thanks?
    2. hotsauce492003
      Disregard my previous message...your webpage is working now.
    3. hotsauce492003
      I tried to connect to 11-05-10 6:19AM PCT with no success. Where can I get your products?
      I check this address often:
      Thanks, regards;
    4. Pablo
      Um sorry, can you email or PM me? VM's don't autonotify and they are kind of not the best form of communication. I did not even know you had asked me another question.

      Ultimately you won't lose a LOT of power if it's not perfectly tuned to the pipe, but sounds like your plug is good. I don't know if you mentioned it, but are your headers matched to your jug? This will give you a decent gain.
    5. JimKamenidis
      can you anwser please..
    6. JimKamenidis
      I will tell you once I get it.. :P
      I finally decided to leave the exhaust as is because it's new and I don't want to mess with it, but will I lose alot of end power in return? (It's kinda really bothering me.)
    7. Pablo
      Maybe - how hot does it feel?? (I never checked!!)
    8. JimKamenidis
      perfect chocolate tan at top speed and a little darker at idle..
      Can I put a sticker on the stinger of the exp. chamber without it getting melted?
      If not is there any other place on the new exhaust that is cooler??
    9. Pablo
      What is your spark plug telling you?
    10. JimKamenidis
      Of course I read them before asking you but thanks anyway.
      I think it's all about triall and error now.. :)
    11. Pablo
      There is no one best length - please read the tuning instructions under downloads on our site. It will probably be a bit shorter than as received. Thanks!
    12. JimKamenidis
      Hey pablo, I just bought an exp. chamber from sbp and I would like to now the best header length for top speed..?
    13. MikeJ
      Hi Pablo -

      Disregard complaint of previous message. I looked at the bike in better lighting. The clutch-side 3-bolt bracket has twisted upward to its limit, allowing the jackshaft to become off-horizontal. That's my problem. The jackshaft frame is not twisted as I stated.

      I just have to work some way to keep that left-side bracket from twisting upward. Maybe use a bolt through the strengthening angle and tighten using a turnbuckle arrangement. Anchor the fixed end to some bolt on the engine crankcase....

      Anyway, thanks for your time.....

    14. MikeJ
      Hi Pablo -

      I wanted to run this one past you...

      I purchased one of your shift kits back in mid-2009. It works as advertised. Last week, I corrected some problems internal to my Frankenmotor (a Nantong 80/66 pot-metal engine from some backyard Chinese scrap recycler. Maybe you know the type....)

      Anyway, I tightened all connections, put on some vibration-damping weights on the seat tube and down tube, squared the engine and jackshaft frame to the bicycle frame, and decided to wide-open the throttle in 3rd and 4th gears. I finally broke through the 4500 rpm "vibration barrier" and took the engine over 5500 rpm several times. I use a SenDec Tachometer.

      The engine has not exploded or imploded yet. I am waiting for it to happen.

      After the run (42 miles) on secondary paved roads I noticed the jackshaft chain between the bottom bracket chainring and the 12-tooth shaft sprocket had way too much slack it it. I thought "The chain could not have stretched that much, not after 42 miles and it was good and tight before the run."

      I was right. What happened was the vertical jackshaft brace, the one that is u-bolted to the seat tube, had TWISTED to behind and downward from its default position. Maybe 5 degrees, but visibly noticeable. Because of the rearward slant of the seat tube, the driving 12-tooth sprocket is out of place, cannot tighten the chain, and will not return to its installed position. The chain slack allows me to very simply slip the chain off the bottom brack chainring.

      Now I know that these pot-metal engines should not have heaps and gobs of horsepower, especially where I live at 6200 feet above sea level, where we derate engine max-power output to 75% of sea-level power.

      I did not expect the kit plate to distort like that. I am now thinking that I will place idler sprockets on both up-go and down-go sides of the chain to keep it tight and from flying off the chainring.

      Have you ever seen this before? I am riding a 1993 Haro V3 mountain bike of 4130 steel. Could the tubes have distorted that much to induce twist in the jackshaft frame? Any other advice you may offer?

      1,020 miles to date.
    15. danlandberg
      Pablo: I purchased a SBP black expansion chamber a month or so ago and there was a SBP sticker in the box. I would like two more! (My 5 year old daughter must have got it) I want to put them on this build. How much are they? PM me back, and keep up the good work!!! ...............THANKS.................Dan
    16. Pablo
      We are working on a couple items for the 4T engine now that we have the 4 stroke shifter kit. We just run out of time every day, every week, etc. I wish someone could have videotaped me busting arse making today's shipments. I was's become almost robotic...I'm like a shipping animal.
    17. need a honest dealer
      need a honest dealer
      Thanks for the Info and lead to pirate cycles.I look forward to doing business with your company In the future once I get this motor.I wanted to ask If there are any hop up Items for 4 stroker motors you may deal with?
    18. airborne aura
      airborne aura
      do the jackshaft kits come with BB's strong enough to jump?
    19. Pablo
      World's first shift kit for the happy time engine!
    20. happycheapskate
      What does your avatar say under Got Gears?
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