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Mar 11, 2017
Aug 2, 2007
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Aug 16, 1945 (Age: 71)
Outer Banks North Carolina
Owner Real Estate Company

Quenton Guenther

Motored Bikes Sponsor, 71, from Outer Banks North Carolina

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Mar 11, 2017
    1. billoz19522
      Hello, I am planning a cross country trip via whizzer. Looking for other whizzer riders that would help me navigate their area. Anyone ever tried this before I 'd like to talk to,thanks
    2. rudy
      Hello quenton, I will contact you from belgium
      I would like to have some help from you for my whizzer if possible ??
    3. klinde
      Hello Quenton. My name is Karl. We had talked on this forum a while back and email about the auto clutches on my NE5 Whizzers. I had lost contact with you due to being in the military. I had sent a couple of emails to EZ Motorbikes trying to contact you again. One of my clutches has separated because the rubber bushing that holds it together went bad. Trying to find a solution.
    4. Majicfingers@1
      Im inquiring on a parts dealer whizzerpaul ever had dealings with this person
    5. BushkuhlLucas
      Hello Quentin, how do i go about having you revamp my 02 whizzer pacemaker 2 engine serial number


      I would like to send it to you!!!
      Let me know
    6. whizzer_fan
      Quenton, I was wondering if you have any original whizzer h engine kits for sale if you do please let me know. Thanks.
    7. Jonnydmstar
      HI Quenton, I hear your the man for everything whizzer, so I have a question or two for you. I have a 2007 NE5 with about 475 miles on it. The "stay" that holds the engine to the leaf (spring) on the front keeps breaking, I've replaced it twice. It just splits so that it doesn't grab anymore, and the tabs on the side eventually fall off. Have you run into this problem, and is there a fix?

      Is there any other problems with that model NE5 that I should be keeping an eye out for?

    8. Quenton Guenther
      Quenton Guenther
      Hi Al,

      Will see ya at Portland.

      Have fun,
    9. koolwhizzer
      Hi Quenton. I am just going to Portland and will look you up there. Do you have a 50 over piston for my vintage J motor. I am looking for a 10 over with ringd as well. Trying to clear my work bench off for the summer and wrapping up some winter projects.
    10. Quenton Guenther
      Quenton Guenther
      Hi Wayne,

      Just found your message!

      The only 2 automatic clutch systems to fit the vintage motors are the #270 originally made by Salisbury in CA, and the 2 speed [Bi-matic]. The Bi-Matic is very expensive and must be upgraded by an expert to work correctly [$750.00 to $900.00]. The Model #270 was reproduced by Jerry Lane in OH a few years ago and normally sold fo $450.00.

      Your best bet is to keep looking for the original #270, as I have seen them sell on EBay over the last few years.

      No other clutch will work because of the needed one-way system to start the motor, and the current new edition Whizzer clutch is too wide.

      Hope this information helps,
      Have fun,
    11. MaxGlide
      Hi Lee,

      Wayne Bertrand here from Vancouver. You rebuilt my 1947 J motor for me. It is still running BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks again.

      I was wondering what centrifugal clutch might be available for that motor? I live in a hilly, very hilly, area and thought maybe this type of clutch would make riding a bit smoother. What are your thoughts on this?

      Thanks again for your awesome work and help.

    12. Quenton Guenther
      Quenton Guenther
      Hi Don,

      It got close enough to take out a few trees and my electric for a day, but the same happens during normal storms here on the Outer Banks.

      Have fun,
    13. Don Brown
      Don Brown
      Hello Quenton, Hope the hurricane missed you. I am still riding my WC1 Whizzer w/auto clutch. Went to Portland this year and I do believe they had the largest crowd there I have seen in the 10 yrs. I have been going. Don Brown, Dayton, Ohio
    14. Hot Dog Piggy Tails
      Hot Dog Piggy Tails
      bro my laptop and phone are a fritz I've seemed to not gotten your number transferred from one of the numerous phones I've had. could you please call me today at (360)423-5869 Rick of SpeedSter Motors.

      I have that 46' h motor (D piston and jug) Excelsisor A. Schwinn with low compression and my friend will bore the jug out as soon as I got the piston, rings, and wrist pin/bearing for it.

      (360)423-5869 Rick of SpeedSter's
    15. MaxGlide
      Hi Lee,

      Sent a message to you via the EZ Motorbike site but got an anti spam message from "Randy".

      anyway, I do not need the clutch bearing as I found the exact one here.

      Thanks anyways.

      Wayne Bertrand
    16. Whizzerd
      Hi Lee, "Whizzerd" here. Here's my info just incase; Mike Abernathy, 1104 E. 21st St., Muncie,IN 47302 Ph. 765-748-6040. Email: ww2eflyer@yahoo.com
    17. cap'n schep
      cap'n schep
      Hi Quenton, my appologies for sending you a PM without knowing you, I hope I don't get banned!! I won't let that happen again!! Please forgive me. Sincerely........Mark
    18. happycheapskate
      Aussie steve has a collection of photos of people who made larger brackets for the idler pulleys, which are mounted to 2 stays, instead of one. This looks like the plan! I just use trial and error (and maybe half-links) to do it without the idler. This makes me feel safer.
    19. Quenton Guenther
      Quenton Guenther
      Hi peanut89,

      I can make a custom copper head gasket that will increase the surface mounting area. I need to know which version of the head is on your bike. There were several different heads used, and they have a different combustion chamber.

      The compression valve appears to have a high failure rate and I removed them from all my motors. You can use a fine thread 10 MM bolt and cut to match the top of the combustion chamber.

      Most heads used need to be milled, leveled, and the chamber reworked for better operating tempatures, easier starting and better throtlle response. I have and still do rework the heads. Contact me at quincy163@yahoo.com for prices & more details.

      Have fun,
    20. peanut89
      Greetings again!
      Did I see somewhere that you sell copper head gaskets for a 2008 Ambassador? Mine is leaking..... again. If I pull the head, I would like to replace the gasket with a copper one. Also, direct me to the post that indicates the order and torque of the head bolts. Should I have the head milled? And if so, down how much. Do you offer this service? And if so, how much $. If I have it milled, did I see somewhere that you suggest to get rid if the compression relief valve by plugging with a bolt? Many thanks... Ollie
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    Aug 16, 1945 (Age: 71)
    Outer Banks North Carolina
    Owner Real Estate Company
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