Arizona Motorized Bicycle Laws

License Required & Registration Required

  1. Anton
    Motorized bicycles must be registered in Arizona to ride them on the roads. They fall under either the moped or motor-driven cycle classification as specified below.

    In Arizona mopeds are defined as:
    • Having pedals to propel the vehicle and a motor up to 50 cc.
    • No more than 1.5 hp.
    • 25 MPH maximum speed.
    A motor-driven cycle must also be registered. It is defined as a motorcycle that:
    • Travels at more than 20 MPH.
    • Has up to 3 wheels.
    • Has no more than 5 HP.
    Motorized Bicycle riders also need insurance for:
    • Bodily injury liability $15,000(one person).
    • Bodily injury liability $30,000(two or more people).
    • Property damage liability $10,000.