Indiana Motorized Bicycle Laws

Indiana Motorized Bicycle Laws

A motorized bicycle is defined as a motor driven cycle under Indiana Law and has the following:
  1. has a seat or saddle for the use of the rider;
  2. is designed to travel on no more than three wheels on the ground;
  3. complies with applicable motor vehicle equipment requirements under IC 9-19 and 49 CFR 571;
  4. has a cylinder capacity not exceeding 50 cubic centimeters; and
  5. is registered as a Motor Driven Cycle - Class B. The term does not include an electric personal assistive mobility device.

You need a drivers license to ride a motorized bicycle in Indiana and you must be at least 15 years of age.


You must register a motorized bicycle in Indiana and mount a license plate on your bike.
  • Registration fee $26.35
  • Excise Tax: $10

Insurance is not required for a motorized bicycle in Indiana.

Other Requirements
  • Helmet required if under the age of 18
  • Must operate in a position astride the seat
  • Headlamps must be illuminated while operating
  • You cannot carry a package in hand
  • Operate near right-hand edge of roadway unless passing another vehicle or preparing for a left turn
  • Operate at no more than 35 miles per hour
  • Passengers are not allowed
  • No interstate highway or sidewalk operation
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