New Hampshire Motorized Bicycle Laws

New Hampshire Motorized Bicycle Laws

According to New Hampshire Law a motorized bicycle is classified as a moped. The fit within the definition of a moped your bicycle:

  • must have an engine of 50cc or less.
  • cannot exceed 30mph on flat ground.
  • cannot shift gears.
  • cannot exceed 2hp.

To ride a motorized bicycle in New Hampshire you will need a drivers license or a moped license.


You must register your motorized bicycle to ride it on the road in New Hampshire.

An Addendum to what Anton has posted as taken from NH RSA Statute sources added on 16, May, 2022...DAMIEN

Section 259:65
259:65 Motor-Driven Cycle. – "Motor-driven cycle'' shall mean any motorcycle or motor scooter with a motor which produces not to exceed 5 horse-power, and any bicycle with motor attached except any electrically powered bicycle that has a less than 750 watt motor, has functional pedals, and is capable of a maximum speed on level ground of less than 20 miles per hour.
Source. RSA 259:1, XIV-a. 1967, 415:3. 1976, 4:6. 1981, 146:1. 2010, 163:1, eff. June 17, 2010.

NH Motor-Driven Cycles
The New Hampshire DMV uses the term “motor-driven cycle” in reference to:

Motor scooters*.
Motorized bicycles.
Mopeds that DO NOT meet the criteria outlined above.
Small motorcycles (up to 5 horsepower).
To use a vehicle like this in New Hampshire, you need a motor-driven cycle license. For info on registering your vehicle, please contact your local DMV office or the main NH Registration office at (603) 227-4030.

*NOTE: Some cities (such as Manchester, for example) have special rules and regulations that apply to motorized scooters. Please contact a local law enforcement agency with any questions.

Licensing for NH Motor-Driven Cycles
To get your motor-driven cycle license, visit your local DMV office with:

A completed Application for Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card (Form DSMV450).
Your driver’s license, or non-driver ID.
Your motor-driven cycle.
Payment for the $55 motor-driven cycle license fee.
Be prepared to take any of the following tests, as well:

Knowledge exam.
Eyesight test.
Driving test.
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