North Dakota Motorized Bicycle Laws

License Required & Registration Required

  1. Anton
    A motorized bicycle according to North Dakota law is defined as any bike with:
    • 2 to 3 wheels.
    • Footrests or foot pedals.
    • A motor capable of achieving a maximum speed of 30mph on a level surface.
    • An automatic drive system.
    • A body that's no wider than 32 inches.

    To ride a motorized bicycle in North Dakota all you need is a valid operators permit, a temporary permit, an instruction permit, or a motorcycle permit. If you are 14 years old you can apply for a motorized bicycle operators permit.


    To ride a motorized bicycle on public roads in North Dakota, it must be register. To obtain registration you must provide the motor vehicles office with:

    • A Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (which must show the moped's engine size and maximum speed capacity.)
    • An odometer certification.
    • Insurance proof.
    • $25 for the registration fee
    • $5 for the title fee