Texas Motorized Bicycle Laws

License Not Required & Registration Not Required

  1. Anton
    According to Texas state law a motorized bicycle is not clearly defined. It could be considered a motor-assisted scooter. A motor-assisted scooter is defined as a self propelled device with:
    • At least two wheels in contact with the ground.
    • A braking system capable of stopping the device under typical operation.
    • A gas or electric motor not exceeding 40ccs.
    • A deck for a person to stand or sit while operating.
    • The ability to be propelled by human power alone.

    As long as your motorized bicycle fits the definition of a motor-assisted scooter, you do not need a license to ride one in Texas.


    To ride a motorized bicycle on the public roads in Texas you do not need registration as long as it falls into the category of a motor-assisted scooter.



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