What is a HT Engine?

What is a HT Engine?

HT is short for “Happy Times”. The Happy Times engines are 2 stroke engines manufactured in China.


HT Engine Specifications

Click here for the technical specifications of a HT motorized bicycle engine.

2 Stroke Kits

The HT engine is a 2 Stroke engine with an NT carby. This is the most popular setup for motorizing a bicycle and generally the cheapest option too. 2 Stroke kits require oil to be added to the gas tank.

4 Stroke Kits

The following picture is of a 4-Stroke motorized bicycle kit. 4-Stroke kits cost slightly more than 2-stroke kits but they have their advantages. You do not need to mix oil into the fuel for instance and they are a lot quieter. This is just an introduction post so we wont go in to details here about which kit is the best. You can find plenty more information on the forum.


Looking for Motorized Bicycle Kit Dealers?

We have compiled a list of motorized bicycle dealer reviews in the United States and throughout the world so that you can find the best reviews on any 2-stroke or 4-stroke motorized bicycle kit. Different kits come with different quality of components and customer support. Choose wisely, if you are after the cheapest kit you are often buying low quality components, poor customer support and a non existent return policy. Check out the dealer reviews section on the forum for feedback from other members to find the kit that suits you best.

Motorized or Motorised?

Motorized is the english US spelling whereas Motorised is the english UK spelling.
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