12 volt generator

  1. inspectorcritic

    Anyone getting tickets for color lights?

    I got the 12 volt magneto generator just order ebay a 1800 lumen light think 40 watts for just 8 bucks was the last one, then I got brave or foolish order a flashing blue tail light they red white, blue and green. Law always said no blue lights on vehicle thats cop magic must be red tail light...
  2. Cozmik Mezzenger

    Installing generator to a predator motor to power lights

    I watched this video, but I had no sense of how to apply this to a 79cc Predator because it lacked details in the comments section. Has anyone attempted this mod?
  3. Randall

    12 Volt Generator from Gasbike

    Has anyone ever bought one of these and had a successful install? Does the little white tabs need to remain on the back side of the gen unit? Bike wouldn't start after I installed it. The white tabs on the back broke off . Did I just waste my money???