1. greenjon

    HuaSheng 142F 49cc dies when I release gas throttle [solved]

    Today I got my project bike up and running. I'm using the HuaSheng 142F 49cc with a shift kit on a 7-speed. It starts fine, grabs the clutch fine, and hauls me down the road fine. But when I release the throttle the engine dies. Is this somehow part of breaking the engine in, or is something...
  2. greenjon

    Fito Modena GT-2 / 49cc 4G T Belt / SBP shift kit

    Fito Modena GT-2 7-speed bike (Ebay) 49cc 4-stroke HS142F with 80-tooth 4G gear (bicycle-engines.com) Shift Kit (Sick Bike Parts) Heavy Duty Clutch (Staton-inc) 2.4 gallon fuel tank (Ebay) Double kickstand (Amazon) Suspension seatpost (donor bike) Less clownish handlebars (donor bike) Digital...