2 cycle

  1. C

    Soon to be Stingray owner

    Hello! I have been wanting a Stingray type bike for a couple years now and today Walmart's site had some for $125!! Here is the link in case anyone wants to grab one: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Schwinn-Sting-Ray-Bicycle-single-speed-20-Inch-wheels/841993718 They had blue and orange, but the...
  2. W

    Need bolt help

    Need to change out my drive sprocket. Some of the teeth broke. Did the work got it changed. The problem is the nut keeps backing its self off. I was wondering if it has to be torque down to fix the problem im having
  3. M

    New 80cc no start.

    Hi all. I finally got my 80/66cc engine installed on my 24in road master. So far its been a big job finding and making stuff work. The carb had to sit at a 45 degree. The muffler was hitting the pedal and needed bent slightly. The chain had to be shortened and the funky rear sprocket to me a...
  4. Mohamad Azzo

    Break In Trying to start engine for the first time...starts then stalls!

    Hello all, I have a 2 cycle 66/80cc engine that I bought from bikeberry.com... Took a week to install because of their crappy parts but I am finally finished. At first, the bike wouldn't start at all. I would pedal and pedal and give it throttle and release the clutch and it would just stop the...