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    My New Bike
  2. A

    Full throttle all the time, 20 mph max speed

    Hello, motoredbikes gurus! I have been a long time lurker, and built my first bike over the course of the last few weeks. Everything went really well, and I carefully followed the advice of many of you. I am currently in the break in period of my bike. I am using a 32:1 mix. I have been through...
  3. O

    Keep on the lookout for 1E53F 79cc Huasheng Kasei

    It looks like there is a new engine from Kasei to replace the 63cc which is currently the biggest two stroke available for friction drive. It is 79cc and the model number is 1E53F. I still haven't found a place that is selling it. I contacted Huasheng directly to see if they will sell it to me...
  4. I

    help me with my 2stroke kit

    I'm new to this so bear with me. I have a 2 stroke kit on one of my mountain bikes and when I first set it up I did not know the threads on the front mounts were removable and I had to use the universal adapter thing so I let the threads sit on the front bar. eventually they shaped off and left...
  5. Urban Fatbiker's Buzzbike

    Urban Fatbiker's Buzzbike

    Friction drive sprocket reduction, lift clutch, Ryobi 30cc. Pull-start or roll-start.
  6. Buzzbike front view

    Buzzbike front view

    Ryobi CS30 sprocket reduction friction drive with toggle clutch; DIY exhaust with screw-in silencer. Handlebar view.
  7. Buzzbike drive side

    Buzzbike drive side

    Ryobi CS30 sprocket reduction friction drive with toggle clutch; DIY exhaust with screw-in silencer. Sprocket side. Throttle operated by friction shifter mounted by right handgrip.
  8. Buzzbike clutch side view

    Buzzbike clutch side view

    Ryobi CS30 sprocket reduction friction drive with toggle clutch; DIY exhaust with screw-in silencer. Clutch cable visible from this side operated by brake lever.
  9. S

    No spark, no start.

    Got myself a 80cx(66) engine for a few months new slurry of problems all fixed (except exhaust). Now I went to start it the other day and when I pop the clutch the engine got ripped out of the front frame mounts and pulled off to the side. Now I have it all put back together since then with new...
  10. B


    Wanting to purchase a 2-stroke engine for a cruiser i have laying around at home. Looking for the best bang for my buck, and was looking into THIS kit on ebay. Not looking for something too expensive since it's only a weekend cruiser, just something fun. Any suggestions?
  11. K

    Bt80 engine wiring help

    Im just gonna get straight to it.. I have a bt80 or bullet train engine. Leftover green and orange wires, instruction manual says its for headlamps or horns. How do i install a horn and headlamp with those wires? Whats it the big red toggle switch on the throttle grip combo used for? I...
  12. K

    bt80 enine break-in help

    i just bought the bto80 online and i'm confused about their break in period. http://www.bicycle-engines.com/images/E-STORM-BT80-Instructions.pdf On page 37 on the pdf it says to use a quality 2 stroke on step 3. Then on step 9, it says to change motorcycle oil after break in and to change...
  13. Matt Barrack

    Fuel ratio (synthetic)

    I just bought low ash 2-stroke synthetic oil and I was wondering what the break in ratio would be. Thats pretty much it. Thanks in advance. :)
  14. N

    would a two stroke run on straight WD-40?

    It seems crazy and I don't want to ruin an engine tested it myself obviously but something tells me it may be would? What do you guys think? I bet he would actually run real good on 50-50 WD-40 and gas but again I'm not going to ruin an engine just to test my zany hypothesis here, and I can't...
  15. Mp2003

    Bike too slow

    About a week ago I bought a 2-stroke 80/66cc bike kit. I installed it and after startup problems at first I managed to get it running smoothly, the only problem is, it is way too slow. It struggles to stay at 20mph with the throttle wide open. I checked the carb and the throttle runs fine, so...