2 stroke engine

  1. R

    Chain slips off rear sprocket

    I'm am desperate for some help here and need some advice. I have a 49cc 2 stroke bike motor attached to a 26 inch giant beach cruiser bike. Everything is hooked up ready to go but no matter what I do my chain continues to slip off the back sprocket. I bought a spring chain tensioner which helps...
  2. B

    Engine Trouble Conrod bearings

    Im wondering if anyone knows some better quality little end and big end needle bearings for a 48cc motor, I've just had another one blow up due the big end splitting up and im in the process of pressing my crank apart to hopefully replace the big end pin and bearing with one from a ktm 50cc but...
  3. kuliffix

    How to Motorized Bicycle

    Hello guys, I also built a motorized bike. In these videos is a sort of guide on how to assemble a engine kit for a bike, In which are shown issues that I had to deal with during the montage and their resolves. The bicycle rim was a testing one, to test out how the engine and all the parts...
  4. Eddie Medley

    Engine Trouble Make engine shiny

    How was wondering if I could make my 80cc 2 stroke engine shiny I was going to buy a black one but and take the black paint off and make it shiny or chrome like if you know how or lead me in the right direction. That be greatly appreciated.
  5. J

    Help!! I don't know what to do!

    Hi, I am a beginner to all of this kind of stuff, so excuse me if I have to describe what something is if I don't know the name. So I bought my bike off a guy who builds bikes for a living (he has done it for 8 years so he knows what he is doing). I texted him about this issue and he doesn't...