2 stroke

  1. C

    piston clearance problem

    Hello! I have a problem.I want to change the piston and cilinder but it seems ths gap is too bigon the new parts...or am i wrong?I know that gap is measured with a special high precision tool,but i can only record the gap. Please help!!! btw the piston and cilinder and accessories are new,but...
  2. JimmyNibbles77

    First Build - Tips/Pointers

    Hey guys! I'm starting my first build here in the hobby of motorized bicycles and I'm looking for any tips/pointers/things to look out for before I start the build. I'm putting an 80cc two stroke with a jackshaft kit on a GT Aggressor mountain bike. I grabbed the jackshaft kit for my bike so I...
  3. JimmyNibbles77

    Just Starting and Need Help Please!

    I have a nice GT Mountain bike with disk brakes and 27.5 tires (may be able to update with photos if needed) I'm looking for a cheap starter kit that can get me up my decent hill on the way home that won't blow up and that I can maintain easily. I've looked at kits online and have found that 2...
  4. Meet Brutus v2!

    Meet Brutus v2!

    This is my BBR Tuning 80cc 2 stroke build. I attatched the motor to a Schwinn Wayfarer frame and swapped the tires for bontrager tires. Still using rim brakes (I know, I know....). Only other mods are the "Dual clutch lever brake combo" and a muffler "delete".
  5. Resurrected


    Custom rat bike modded yd100 pulls 50mph easy with10t/30t sprocket
  6. Vendedda

    A few questions from a new Builder...

    So I purchased an older used 2 stroke bike from a guy. First time ever riding one of these things, and sooo much fun 👍😁 Worked pretty good for a while, but now its having some issues. So I decided to try to build one on my own for the first time brand new. Ordered an 80cc PK80 off Amazon. A...
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    My baby's
  8. C

    Soon to be Stingray owner

    Hello! I have been wanting a Stingray type bike for a couple years now and today Walmart's site had some for $125!! Here is the link in case anyone wants to grab one: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Schwinn-Sting-Ray-Bicycle-single-speed-20-Inch-wheels/841993718 They had blue and orange, but the...
  9. P

    Motor mount problems

    I have a question about how I can mount my motor to my 26 inch mountain bike, the rear mount works fine but the bottom mount is far too small, I’m sure some of you have ran into this problem I’ll post pictures in a bit.
  10. Astraeus

    Where to order and what is the best high compression racing head to get? (66cc)

    anyone have a recommendation of a site i can order a good high compression head for my 66cc 2 stroke? i ordered the thunder shark pro racing kit but there was so many things wrong with the kit and the company refused to fix any of the issues so am here asking for some help when i finally got it...
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    My New Bike
  12. C

    best 2 stroke spark plug?

    Hello.I just bought a new Chinagirl 2 stroke 80cc(actually a 66 cc) and i read that the spark plugs are a problem. I will buy the best oil to mix with the fuel...so 32:1 for break in and 40:1 after break in ratios are good?I want it to be very reliable since i will ride it like 130 km a day.i...
  13. C

    what 2 stroke engine tu buy?

    Hello i had a lot of problems with a 4 stroke huasheng....so change of plans i want to buy a new 2 stroke kit and i need your advice please.What kit is reliable?how to maintain it?what cilindrical capacity is the best?50,80?i want to deliver food with it so i need it to be reliable and ,if...
  14. Motorized Neo Cycles

    My ultimate build!!!

    So stoked to finally be practically done with this build. I ordered all the parts individually from Amazon and Zeda Motorsports. I've named her El Diablo. 9.5 Hp Case Reed FRANKENSTEIN motor BBR Tuning gas tank frame CDHPower Triple tree forks CDHPower Mag Wheels w/rear disc brake adapter & 36...
  15. A

    Tips for better control over bike

    My friend just completed his build. When i tried to ride that that was a lot of power for me and hard to control. I am just wondering how to release clutch and how to give it takeoff correctly? Any tips n tricks will be very appriciated.
  16. A

    Full throttle all the time, 20 mph max speed

    Hello, motoredbikes gurus! I have been a long time lurker, and built my first bike over the course of the last few weeks. Everything went really well, and I carefully followed the advice of many of you. I am currently in the break in period of my bike. I am using a 32:1 mix. I have been through...
  17. N


    Need help. Got a bigfoot goped (1997) carb is G23LH on a Zen Komatsu. Replaced spark plug, fuel lines, cleaned carb, jets. Only starts with starting fluid then dies. Please. Help!
  18. J

    Help no spark!

    Hi there, I recently bought A moter bike and I don’t think I have spark it’s a skyhawk 49cc I go to start it nothing but I know it has fuel cause it comes out the breather plz help!
  19. C

    motor bike won't spark

    hello, my bike won't start. as far as i can see, the bike will not spark. i checked the CGI and the magneto coil and the wires. only thing i can see is that the thing wont spark and i cant figure out how to fix it.
  20. Sharif

    Motorized Bicycle power output going on and off (Noise)

    Was going off to work today all happy after I sorted few more things on my bike today all for another issue to arise, but this time worried it may be something serious. Some background info first. Engine is on roughly 300 KMs (+-50KM) . Stock kit NT Carb, no aftermarket parts yet, apart from...