2 stroke

  1. Cozmik Mezzenger

    Getting back to stock clutch

    Well, I'm going to have an interesting time trying to get this sleeve off so I can get back to stock... Anybody have any tricks?
  2. B

    Help!! My bike won't stay on anymore

    Hi so I built a 2 stroke motorized bike and it's been sort of a pain so far but it was finally working good but then I took it out yesterday and I would get up to speed then drop the clutch and give it gas and it seemed like it started but really weak then when I give to more gas it comes to a...
  3. B

    Help with clutch

    Hi so I just built my motorized bike and I love it except, I have to constantly adjust my clutch cable and flower nut to get the push button right on the clutch arm. I will have it set up perfectly and everything is tight like the cable screw then after some riding it feels like the cable...
  4. K

    49cc/2 stroke on a hybred trike?

    I basically just wanted to make sure a 49cc/2 stroke would move a trike (Schwinn Meridian) from a standstill with no pedaling before I went that route. The long version follows. The bike already has a 1000w front hub motor that does fine, however, I cannot pedal due to handicap and don't want...
  5. G

    Need help for deciding on personal bike

    Hello, so anyone who has seen my previous post knows I have built a bike before but now I pose the question of which configuration is the best for me. Here is what I have laid out, I have a La Jolla street cruiser from Next that I will be using as my frame of choice. While it isn't the best...
  6. M

    Offroad Go-Ped Build GP460 engine dimensions?

    I am working on a project building an offroad goped not unlike the Trail Ripper. I have used the GP460 before on a motorized beach cruiser build and was extremely satisfied with the motor. For my current project, I need the engine mount locations and dimensions relative to the output shaft of...
  7. Khamsin

    "Supermoto" build

    Here I have my ol Kent Terra... getting ready to slap a 2 stroke engine on it....I've already got some fenders on the way, Plan on getting a pit bike headlight, triple tree fork and some hand guards... cant forget slick tires. I've seen so many people make Dirt bike style builds now. One guy...
  8. N

    ram air filter housing to boost mid- & hi-range power?

    my motor's a skyhawk 2 stroke, the gt style that comes w/ reed valve (though I haven't taken in the piston skirt yet, so I dunno if the reed does me any good). I'm thinking to use a plastic cup from gas station or the plastic shade off an old florescent light to make a ram air scoop & filter...
  9. N

    oil put in exhaust port harmful?

    I had the exhaust off while working on my bike at a park, & I soaked some paper in 2 stroke oil & put it in the exhaust port to keep dust out. It seemed like a clever, easy way to protect my motor, but my friend warned me it would be harmful if oil got on the side of/went beneath the piston, b/c...
  10. B

    ZBox Series 4 Needle Bearing Failure

    Needle bearing in my 2800km Zbox S4 66cc engine has broken up. I have no idea when the first needle shattered but it stayed in the cage for quite a while as it has eaten a small chunk out of the wrist pin. Then, at some point a chunk of roller has - somehow - made it up the transfer port where...
  11. Mohamad Azzo

    Break In Trying to start engine for the first time...starts then stalls!

    Hello all, I have a 2 cycle 66/80cc engine that I bought from bikeberry.com... Took a week to install because of their crappy parts but I am finally finished. At first, the bike wouldn't start at all. I would pedal and pedal and give it throttle and release the clutch and it would just stop the...
  12. cmb271

    Break In Engine Head giving off smoke

    Okay, So I'm about 98% done with the build I just need to wait for some loc-tite to cure and go to the hardware store to get some new bolts for the chain tensioner since I somehow snapped one but there's an issue I don't know if I should worry about. The engine head when it runs for a few...
  13. cmb271

    My third build : Doing it right

    My previous motorized bicycle builds where poorly thought out and built but due to some circumstances I'm currently facing I've decided to renew my interest into motorized bicycles since I'm 100% positive my car insurance company hates my guts and plans to drop me the moment they can (I was in a...
  14. T

    49cc two stroke reliability

    Hi, I just bought a 49cc two stroke kit off eBay around 120$. What can I do to make it more reliable and make it last longer, I will be riding it to the weight room, and around town. I've heard to replace all the bolts and better carb.
  15. cmb271

    Break In What's the best way to break in an engine?

    Okay, I'm in the planning process of building another motorized bike but doing it properly, I didn't do enough research in the beginning and I paid for it. My original bike I feel I didn't break it in properly and this bike I'm planning to build will be my daily commuting machine, it has to get...
  16. SRPM

    New engine need info

    Just got the gt80 from gasbike.net and I'm having trouble finding any info on it. It has a Super Charge CDI for 48cc 66cc 80cc - High Performance - A Ported cylinder - High Performance Reed Valve - Balanced Crank - High Performance CNC Head - Keihin Carburetor clone The carb it the biggest...
  17. justakid108

    Engine Trouble Won't turn over now!!!

    I just replaced my 50cc with an 80cc. Breaking it in, it was running fine. So much better than the 50cc. I was riding around the neighborhood, when I took a different turn than usual, only to find another enterance to my neighborhood. So I was turning around (I was on the main road, like, at...
  18. David Bogle

    Has anyone seen a 2 stroke Toro snowblower motor used on a bike?

    Recently I've been thinking about a 2 stroke with electric starter, then I realized that I have an old Toro snowblower that starts with one pull, I decommissioned it last year because the handle has gotten too bent up over its many years of service, its starter stopped working years ago but I'm...
  19. Khamsin

    Question regarding BMX bikes

    I'm aware that Most BMX bike frames are too small to mount a motor on the inside but would it be possible to put the engine on the seat post either mid frame or behind it ?