212 cc predator

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    212 predator build
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    212 build
  3. RocketJ

    Looking for safticycle dimensions

    Does anyone have the dimensions for a 1955~ safticycle or know where to find a similar frame?
  4. E

    Help predator 212 on trike.

    Hi guys first time posting here. I've been an mb enthusiast for a minute now got into it to get away from cars and govt control lol. Anywho I've ridden a 66cc for a while now and with winter coming I decided to get serious on a more reliable daily driver that hopefully won't kill me if I hit...
  5. inspectorcritic

    HELP 212 CC Predator Transmission Assembly

    I just bought a motorize 212 Predator bike kit and the assholes don't have any assembly instructions for the transmission I need someone to teach me with vids or pics. The motor is huge a junk my 80cc cause it was Shanghai junk did not work when it did it was to weak to pull me up hill. This...