1. M

    212, death row motorised bike mods

    i have been asked by a client to build a 210cc death row kit and was wondering what some mods others have done, also looking for any advice, really want to hear from other peoples experience
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    Close clearance
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    Electra 7D with 212cc predator
  4. K

    Motorized Bike Laws aren't strict in Chicago.

    From my own experience, the police don't care about motorized bicycles in the suburbs of Chicago. Most laws in Illinois say anything over 49cc without a pedal assist and over 20mph is considered a moped. I'm 14 without a license or any sort of registration in hand.. even better, I drive around a...
  5. M

    Has anyone tried to put a 212cc engine on a Grubee Skyhawk frame.. or any frame, really?

    I recently came across a used Skyhawk GTS frame and would like to build it up with a 4 stroke 212cc engine, but when I look at other build photos online (Even though I havent been able to find many) It looks like a very! tight fit on most frames. Was hoping that someone else has done this before...
  6. inspectorcritic


    I bought a motorize kit from GasBikes.net a 212 cc everything clandenscent sales put it on the bike 3 inches away from the seat my nuts sit from a 900 degree muffler not 1 goddamn effort put out in my behalf its gonna happen second to third degree burns and most likely amputatation! Product...