1. N


    Need help. Got a bigfoot goped (1997) carb is G23LH on a Zen Komatsu. Replaced spark plug, fuel lines, cleaned carb, jets. Only starts with starting fluid then dies. Please. Help!
  2. J

    Help no spark!

    Hi there, I recently bought A moter bike and I don’t think I have spark it’s a skyhawk 49cc I go to start it nothing but I know it has fuel cause it comes out the breather plz help!
  3. Jag

    Hub Clamp Sprocket and Pull Start help

    I have a hub clamp sprocket (and yes it’s the right size for my hub, and the 2 sides of the clamp only make contact to the center hub.) I can’t get it not to slip, max ive tightend it to is 26 ft lbs. I’ve tried cleaning both surfaces and putting X marks for more grip/surface area on the clamp...
  4. Onwaxwings

    Cafe Racer using a Echo 1099 on a mongoose frame

    Been wanting to build a bike for awhile. This is my first build and I Plan on this thing screamin up and down the road I live on. This echo leaf lower engine is pretty fuckin strong and well I work on the damn this ALL day so I figured “why not put it on a bike”. I have a mongoose bike I found...
  5. Raamastak

    Running too rich

    Hello all I'm new here on the forums, after sealing up the air leaks between the intake and carb and intake and cylinder I started to get to Rich of a fuel air mix. After reading Aussie Steve's post about carb tuning I moved the needle adjustment to the leanest point, this helped but I am still...
  6. B

    Carby Needs some info

    I just bought an 80cc pedal start engine and it came with 2 carbs but it doesn't have the tub that goes from engine to carb can someone tell me what it's called or we're I could get one real cheap Thank you
  7. Cooters Carport

    Engine Trouble HELP!!!!! My Bike Just Seised Up

    My bike has been working flawlessly lately doing about 45mph and all the sudden I took it out of the garage and the the engine wont move at all. How do I free it?
  8. Cooters Carport

    What is the fuel oil ratio to run E85 in my 2 Stroke motor

    I was wondering what the fuel oil ratio to run E85 in my 2 Stroke bike engine.
  9. C

    What is the fuel oil ratio to run E85 in a 2 stroke bike motor?

    I want to run my bike on E85 but idk what the fuel oil ratio to run it with.
  10. B


    Wanting to purchase a 2-stroke engine for a cruiser i have laying around at home. Looking for the best bang for my buck, and was looking into THIS kit on ebay. Not looking for something too expensive since it's only a weekend cruiser, just something fun. Any suggestions?
  11. Baconator101

    Grease and Lubing?

    I want to open up the HT a little and lube her up. Have some ideas, but would appreciate guidance. Where and what type of lubrication should I apply?
  12. Baconator101

    Cheapest Aluminum Gas Tanks

    Has any one found any decently priced Auxiliary Metal gas tanks for their MBs? ive found a few but the price is just too high in respect to what the tanks gas capacity is. Im not willing to pay $99 for a half-gallon cap. tank. This tank has had me on the verge of clicking the "add to cart"...
  13. Baconator101

    60cc 2-stroke Walmart kit

    So I just checked, on Walmarts website, it looks like they have a "60cc 2 stroke kit" for sale for 119.99 free shipping, and no tax in my state. I haven't purchased it, I don't need a kit right now, but it seems like a good deal. Also the seller is a third party just selling through Walmarts...
  14. T

    Share your Custom Builds

    My bike build goes 45mph has great pick up speeds and has been running clean without breaking for a year and a half! This is what I have purchased: 1. 66/80cc Flying Horse Silver Angle Fire Bicycle Engine Kit-bikeberry 2. BBR Tuning Silver Boost Bottle Induction Kit-bikeberry 3. BBR Tuning...
  15. Cory Bailey

    Expansion Chamber pipe

    My name is Cory and I just got my motorized bike broke in. I bought a Voodoo expansion chamber muffler from kingsmotorbikes.com and I can't exactly figure out how to mount it. All help is appreciated. Silver Slant 66/80cc on a Huffy Cranbrook beach cruiser
  16. 2


  17. chasen

    need help with funny throttle.

    Could someone please help me with my dilemma? My throttle on my 2 stroke is acting up. It has no effect till turned halfway then at halfway it seems to jump to full throttle. Also when i try to idle the engine just roars because of my "full throttle problem". I am fairly new to my motorized...