1. B

    Noob with a 4-stroke engine problem... help a brother out?

    Hi All, First time post here... my 4 stroke engine is having a weird start up issue for a new bike.. I've found the noise, identified the issue, buuuuuuuuut I don't have any experience with tools whatsoever. Here is a link to the...
  2. D

    Exhaust system for 4-stroke

    I have a huasheng 49cc 4-stroke engine on my bike and it has the standard exhaust that comes with it. I would like to "Upgrade" or change it out for another better looking and better performing exhaust system. I want it to go all the way back to the middle of the rear wheel and have a better...
  3. greenjon

    Breaking in an HS142F (49cc)

    Have any tips on breaking in the HuaSheng 142F?
  4. greenjon

    4-stroke mufflers and spark arrestors

    I'd like to know your experiences with mufflers and spark arrestors on 4-stroke bike engines. I'm not sure a muffler is required in my area, but the spark arrestor definitely is (it's practically all USNF here). Spark arrestor part numbers for Honda GXH50: 18350-ZM7-801 PCA-1151
  5. motormike777

    79cc Pred No start.

    Got the bike put together. No start. I'm afraid I could have messed up the timing when I removed the governor. ... Basically I was spinning the motor and the cam gear was lifted up enough to not spin the drive gear... I aligned the timing marks not really knowing how long that gear was...
  6. motormike777

    Ghost Racer 7G cut off while riding

    Hi i'm new here. Thank you for reading. Help is greatly appreciated. My motor bike has cut off on me while riding in 22 degree weather and won't start up again. I've had the kit for 1 1/2 years or so and this is the first breakdown. I'm sure i'm due for another oil change... it had been a bit...
  7. MatthewMore

    Womens Bicycle...

    Has anyone tried to frame mount a womens bicycle? The step-through frame style... cruiser type. i feel like it could have potential to be a much more fitting frame style, for 4-stroke engines, as the engine would mount higher up, to the sloping top tube... Thanks for any input!! im posting...
  8. Khamsin

    Motorized bike Trip?

    Hey there fellas! I'm prepping to take a motorized bike trip with my huffy cranbrook either in May or June From Philadelphia To Atlantic city.. I'm kinda iffy about using my current 2 stroke engine and I was told a 4 stroke would be the way to go for such a trip. Could you guys Recommend any...
  9. ColdCruiser

    Tune-Up Predator 79cc 4-Stroke

    My bike started running poorly so I added a high-flow air filter and re-jetted the carb. Now it runs even worse. Ideas, help, suggestions? Here's a video:
  10. D

    Ebay SUBARU-ROBIN-EH035-propane-converted-with-STATON-16-07-1-gearbox-LEHR-carb

  11. ColdCruiser

    Quiet Exhaust for 4-Stroke Predator 79cc

    My bike is loud! It has a short pipe with a screw-on B&S knock-off. Attracting attention is NOT what I want to be doing. I need to make it quieter. The two options I'm considering are: 1) Lifan Honda CT70 clone or 2) 38mm for 125cc-160cc Dirt or Pit Bike pipe Are there any issues I...