4 stroke

  1. B

    Big cloud of smoke

    I have a huasheng 4 stroke and the other night I started it up like normal and it all of a sudden let out a big cloud of smoke and died. It smelled like an electrical fire. Now it won't start I checked to see if it was getting fire and nothing. Anyone got any suggestions I'd really appreciate it...
  2. M

    Loud dry clutch on Monster 90

    Monster 90 build works great, but the automatic dry clutch on the left side whines loudly! Is this normal, or is there some adjustment I need to make?
  3. 08351C60-19C7-4204-93F8-E12195E84BF5


    Check out my shop for parts and build your own imperial http://imperialcyclessj.bigcartel.com/
  4. RocketJ

    I want to install a suicide clutch on my 79cc predator build

    I love the 1910 era of bikes. Board track racers are my favorite and I plan on revamping my existing BTR build to a more authentic style with a 79cc predator engine and proper clutch system. In addition to the engine swap, I want to try my hand at installing a suicide shift (pulley clutch). As...
  5. RocketJ

    Suicide shifter on 79cc predator

    Hi all, long time lurker and builder here. I plan on upgrading my boardie from a chinakit to a 79cc or 212cc predator. I love the old suicide shifters and was hoping to implement one into my build. Is there any replacement for the centrifugal clutch so i can just run a pulley wheel and shifter?
  6. linuxvorpal

    4-Stroke Always Engaged

    I just bought a kit from bikeberry and I put it together, engine runs but the spindle is always spinning. The clutch is always engaged. I thought it was supposed to be a centrifical clutch. Did I miss something?
  7. MBikeRider

    For Sale $55 Used Staton Inc. Friction Drive 1" Roller / 76mm Clutch Rotor / 78mm Clutch Drum

    Hello, I have a used Staton Inc friction drive for sale. It's missing a few small nuts and bolts and has a few holes drilled on top for the gas tank mount, but is otherwise the full kit. PM if interested. Reason for Selling: Used it for a hard 6 months, but my 49cc HS 142 engine broke from over...
  8. T

    Any suggestions on a reputable site to buy a four stroke motorized bicycle kit

    So I've just already gone through a second blown two stroke motor and I'm tired of the headaches they keep causing me so I'm trying to find a four stroke motor kit for my bicycle but I want to get it from a good site. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I found one I kinda like on kings...
  9. cmb271

    Nut size for 4g transmission rear sprocket

    Hey everyone, I'm in the process of rebuilding the 4g transmission for my 4 stroke after the bolt that held the 10t rear sprocket fell off causing a domino effect of transmission failure. I got another sprocket but I don't know what size nut goes on the threaded shaft, anyone know?
  10. A

    Suzuki DR100 not getting gas to the engine

    Hello, I have a Suzuki DR100 1984 not getting fuel to the engine, I have cleaned out the carb multiple times, adjusted the float cleaned out the gas tank and the fuel lines and replaced the CDI box. It is getting spark and has gas in the carb its just not getting into the engine it is trying to...
  11. A

    Suzuki DR100 not getting fuel to the engine

    Hello, I have a Suzuki DR100 1984 not getting fuel to the engine, I have cleaned out the carb multiple times, adjusted the float cleaned out the gas tank and the fuel lines and replaced the CDI box. It is getting spark and has gas in the carb its just not getting into the engine it is trying to...
  12. M

    Squeak Sound at End of Pull ( won't turn over)

    Hey all-- Was riding at 30mph with my HS, stock carb with no issues and pulled to a stop. Engine idled down slowly and died. Pulled the rope several times but it won't turn over. All that I hear now that is different is this slight 'squeaky, rubbing type' sound at the very end of the pull...
  13. MatthewMore

    Womens Bicycle...

    Has anyone tried to frame mount a womens bicycle? The step-through frame style... cruiser type. i feel like it could have potential to be a much more fitting frame style, for 4-stroke engines, as the engine would mount higher up, to the sloping top tube... Thanks for any input!! im posting...
  14. A

    Honda GX35 Power Increase

    Hi all, Sorry if this has been covered before but I am new to this site and have not been able to find the exact information I have been looking for. I am currently in my last year of a Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering degree and my final project is titled as follows; "To improve the...
  15. A

    HELP! Can you put a golden eagle belt drive bike kit on a fixie bike?

    Hi just curious if anyone knows if you'll be able to put a Honda gx35 belt drive kit on a fixie bike?
  16. C

    Will this transmission work on my hs engine?

    I've been rebuilding my 4 stroke bicycle after I damaged my transmission in an accident causing the belt to snap and the 10t sprocket to fall off. I need to buy another transmission but I don't want to fork out 100 dollars, I heard the hs engines are just clones of the Honda 50 and I was...
  17. M

    Sixty-seven fifty, a 79 Predator/Qmatic build

    Hi all, it has been a long time since my last post, and quite a while I have built anything other than Whizzers, both Vintage, and New Edition. It had come to my attention that a 79cc Predator could be made to run at a similar level, and with similar results as a 1946 Whizzer H-motor kit bike. I...
  18. K

    bt80 enine break-in help

    i just bought the bto80 online and i'm confused about their break in period. http://www.bicycle-engines.com/images/E-STORM-BT80-Instructions.pdf On page 37 on the pdf it says to use a quality 2 stroke on step 3. Then on step 9, it says to change motorcycle oil after break in and to change...
  19. C

    I need advice on building a commuter bike

    I've been riding a cheap walmart bike to and from work for about a month now, and i want to upgrade to a nice 4 stroke bike to help me out. 1. Can a cheap bike withstand the rigors of a friction drive 4 stroke? (Bike in question is the roadmaster granite peak bike, and the motor is the lock n...
  20. M

    mounting engine at an angle?

    I'm planning on setting out to motorize a bike with a 4 stroke engine, but have run into a bit of a problem. I'm very short (5'0" to be exact) and therefore bikes that I can comfortably ride and get myself on and off without difficulty have frames smaller than a standard frame intended for...