4 stroke

  1. CrazyDan

    My Huffy Cranbrook

    It is about time I posted my ride. It's been a long time coming. Only the engine, throttle, rear rim, clutch and exhaust were bought new. The rest are used or dumpster finds. Yes, she's a jalopy but she runs.
  2. kwolf

    1 Speed vs Multiple Speed Bikes for Motors

    I have searched the forums a lot. I just bought the Flying Horse 4-stroke 5G motor from spooky tooth. I am looking for a bike under $150. I haven't seen whether or not anyone has discussed if it matters (when installing and riding) if the bike is a single speed, or a multi-speed bike. Is one...
  3. TinoMB

    4 Stroke on OCC Stingray frame.

    Would it be possible to fit a 4 stroke onto the OCC Stingray Frame. 2 strokes seem cool but i would rather have the throatier sound and not have to mix gas, and for the length of time you can have a four stroke running.
  4. Cozmik Mezzenger

    Greetings From Virginia

    Hello, My name is Alvin. I built a 2 stroker last summer. This summer I am re-working that build with a HF 79cc engine. It is all together, but in no way complete.
  5. Beachragz

    What is the best 4 stroke engine?

    I would like feedback from experienced users, on which brand/model of 4 stroke engine is the most user friendly and best running?