1. C

    No power in engine

    I recently completed my first build, and I thought I put everything together correctly. After filling the tank with 1:16 oil gas mix, I attempted to start it like everyone does by pedaling with the clutch pedal squeezed, and then slowly letting the clutch engage as I hold down the throttle. When...
  2. J

    Help no spark!

    Hi there, I recently bought A moter bike and I don’t think I have spark it’s a skyhawk 49cc I go to start it nothing but I know it has fuel cause it comes out the breather plz help!
  3. 49cc Motorized Bicycle Sticker

    49cc Motorized Bicycle Sticker

  4. K

    Motorized Bike Laws aren't strict in Chicago.

    From my own experience, the police don't care about motorized bicycles in the suburbs of Chicago. Most laws in Illinois say anything over 49cc without a pedal assist and over 20mph is considered a moped. I'm 14 without a license or any sort of registration in hand.. even better, I drive around a...
  5. Will'smotobikes19

    49cc Pocketbike engine on bicycle?

    Hi guys I was just wondering if anyone knows if the huasheng 49cc 4 stroke gearboxes will bolt onto the 2 stroke pocket bike engines. I know they're a bit under powered but they're pretty cheap and you can get an upgraded version of them and they have a centrifugal clutch too. I've seen 2 or 3...
  6. greenjon

    Breaking in an HS142F (49cc)

    Have any tips on breaking in the HuaSheng 142F?
  7. greenjon

    4-stroke mufflers and spark arrestors

    I'd like to know your experiences with mufflers and spark arrestors on 4-stroke bike engines. I'm not sure a muffler is required in my area, but the spark arrestor definitely is (it's practically all USNF here). Spark arrestor part numbers for Honda GXH50: 18350-ZM7-801 PCA-1151
  8. B

    4-Stroke Engine 49cc Ignition Cdi Coil For 142Fg And 142F – 1G

    i am needing a new cdi and the origional one for my motor is about 60.oo kinda high or me right now I was wondering if it's possible to use a different kind my motor is a huasheng 49cc 4-Stroke Engine 49cc Ignition Cdi Coil For 142Fg And 142F – 1G
  9. MBikeRider

    For Sale $55 Used Staton Inc. Friction Drive 1" Roller / 76mm Clutch Rotor / 78mm Clutch Drum

    Hello, I have a used Staton Inc friction drive for sale. It's missing a few small nuts and bolts and has a few holes drilled on top for the gas tank mount, but is otherwise the full kit. PM if interested. Reason for Selling: Used it for a hard 6 months, but my 49cc HS 142 engine broke from over...
  10. R

    49cc frame recommendations?

    hello i own a flying horse 142f engine and i was wondering if anyone has ever used this frame? http://www.bikeberry.com/engine-kit-parts/accessories/bbr-tuning-26-motorized-bike-frame-w-2-4l-brushed-aluminum-tank.html#product_tabs_review_tabbed Mainly just looking for different frames for my...
  11. Baconator101

    The 2-stroke assembly.

    I apologize in advance as this is not a general question. But I thought you folks might a enjoy a glimpse of the making of that thing between your legs. I may be speaking outta my arse here, but I believe these engines were superior to the quality available now.
  12. Losíf

    Centrifugal clutch problem, Help!

    So I just put together this 49cc 4stroke 7g t-belt engine onto my bike. It runs and all but a major issue is present guessing it's the centrificul clutch staying engaged. I can pedal the bike to start the engine like a 2stroke bike while not holding the manual clutch in. If I start the engine...
  13. K

    49cc/2 stroke on a hybred trike?

    I basically just wanted to make sure a 49cc/2 stroke would move a trike (Schwinn Meridian) from a standstill with no pedaling before I went that route. The long version follows. The bike already has a 1000w front hub motor that does fine, however, I cannot pedal due to handicap and don't want...
  14. Shleppin

    Buying new engine

    Hey guys buying a new engine, been working on mine and it's just keeps going bad. I think it's the 49cc or something like that. Do the bigger cc engines use the same carb. I just want to buy a new one and swap everything. Can anyone give me a site or an engine to get, and what size. Thanks