1. M

    Jesse James chopper build update

    It’s been a while since I last posted, but I’ve made some new additions to the mini chopper. I welded a kickstand to the engine mount and added a wrench to the bottom of it for a better footing. Welded some pedals to my already existing foot pegs to allow a wider stance while riding. Welded some...
  2. D

    50cc Ported Cylinder?

    Hi, Just wondering if there is anywhere I can get a 50cc cylinder that has been ported. Anywhere that has decent shipping to Australia or somewhere in Melbourne that can do it (As I'm not confident in doing it myself). Thanks.
  3. Will'smotobikes19

    50cc inline twin 2 stroke

    Hey guys just want to talk about an idea I had. They make snowmobile engines that are multiple cylinder 2 strokes right?. What if you could scale one down and have an inline twin 2 stroke say 50cc so 2 25cc cylinders wouldn't that be cool? should rev really high too. Has anyone attempted to make...
  4. Marion Cobretti

    For Sale Custom 43cc Bicycle FOR SALE

    Selling my 43cc motorized bicycle. I have a video up where I ride the bike then talk about about it. If i was to give a quick description right now. Bike is fully aluminum, 26in rims, super lightweight (trust me I know i had a 66) automatic, 2 stroke, super sexy. I did lots of internal engine...
  5. T

    Registration help

    Hello everyone I am in a bit of a dilema. I am planning a 66cc Sportsman Flyer build (been drooling over that bike forever now!) But my state laws are quickly crushing my dreams. Although WA state hasn't officially outlawed motorized bicycles they have written the rules in such a way that...