1. My Build

    My Build

    My last build... starting a new 1
  2. GT80 Racing kit with jackshaft

    GT80 Racing kit with jackshaft

    GT80 Racing kit with jackshaft
  3. Robert Bianchi

    Dyno results! Zeda Mafia always #1

    Check out our YouTube videos for more info about engines on the market cool tips on what works and what doesn’t. Also Check our Facebook group. ZEDA MAFIA MOTORIZED BICYCLE CLUB. 6,000 active members and growing.
  4. T

    Reed valve with a boost bottle will it work???

    So I been trying to make my bike go faster but no luck. I have a reed valve, type R spark plug, stage one cdi, is straight pipe, high performance intake & head, 36t sprocket but my bike does not pass over 23 mph what am I doing wrong? Will a boost bottle work with a reed valve? Any help will be...
  5. Robert Bianchi


    We have took the stock cdi and put it up against the HD lightening cdi and found out some funny things! Check out the YouTube video. You’d be amazed if the results! Pure dyno action. Join our Facebook group at Zeda mafia motorized bicycle club. Check out store out at zedamotorsports.com